Taken from a Facebook post by someone involved in or close to the fight, here’s the best video of the melee in section 209 last night. There are no good guys here. We have to consider the accounts which described Rangers fans as provoking the fight all night long. But what we see here is just a whole bunch of idiots on both sides.

Security tried to remove the Rangers fans, peacefully, but they resisted. That caused things to escalate and eventually led to a Flyers fan tossing a cup. For about 10 seconds the camera lost the action, so it’s hard to tell who threw the first punch. But from what we can see, T.J. Oshie didn’t fare so well and Matt Read threw more punches than he has in three years on the ice.

And who’s the dude who keeps yelling, “TURN DOWN FOR WHAT!” Pipe down, man. I’m trying to watch the game fight.

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H/T to tipster