Here’s the Trailer for “Iverson”

Is that fucking Tom Brokaw in a documentary about Allen Iverson? Which reminds me, have you ever seen my Tom Brokaw impersonation?

Kinda sounds like Marv Albert on quaaludes. I’ll work on it.

via Deadline


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  1. Your survey just asked a metric fuckton of questions about Stella Artois. I shat all over the brand. It felt nice.
    They probably won’t be knocking on your door with any money any time soon.

  2. Let’s downplay his never winning anything of any importance, moronic spending habits, threatening to murder his gold digger wife’s friends and being a lazy drunk. Then we spotlight how hard he had it growing up, people judging him as a thug just because he was involved in a few shady murders, and how he is a role model for stellar young men like DeSean Jackson and Aaron Hernandez. Then put some soft piano music over it, and dig up Tom Brokaw!

    Gold, Jerry, gold!

  3. How about a documentary on someone who actually won Philly a parade down Broad Street.

    1. An Utley movie would result in 20000 lewd conduct arrests in Philadelphia. Bros would be dropping loads all over the theater.

      A Rollins movie would start off fast then just suddenly stop in the middle.

      A Chooch movie would be like watching outtakes of Fantasy Island. No one can understand that Panamanian midget.

      A Burrell movie? Yeah. I’d watch that shit. I’d watch the shit out of that shit. It could prove an even greater pantypeeler than 300. If you watch 300 with a chick, 90% you’re getting your dick wet that night.

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