I Love the Flyers-Bruins Geico Commercial

What I took from the 30-second spot airing now: Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy. Insurance.

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26 Responses

  1. I was originally slated to do this vs. Putin but I pulled a muscle watching my young wife get shithammered by a guy who can still achieve an erection.

    Be sure to come to our next 20 ceremonies celebrating the Bullies and that time we beat the Russians!!!!

  2. 1991, 1992, 2009 > 1974, 1975

    These are the FACTS. There’s nothing else to say, although the impotent Flyers fans will find some way to dispute that.

    (I don’t like you.)

    1. Can’t even spell Sidney correctly. Anything you say is irrelevant for not knowing the correct spelling of your best player. Go back to the Pittsburgh blog anyway ya troll.

        1. Facts with an s?? There was 1 small equation. Which yes 3 is larger than 2. Congratulations you retained something from school.

          1. Juanita,

            So funny that when flyers fans are confronted with this statement:

            “The Penguins have won THREE cups in the past 22 years, while the Flyers haven’t won ANY in the past THIRTY-NINE years”

            their only puny response is:

            “Yeah? well you made some spelling and grammar errors!”

            Congrats, you phans have combined funny and pathetic into an art form.

          2. You do know what the saddest and most pathetic thing a sports fan can do is right? Yes that would be coming to another city’s sports blog and attempting to troll when nobody gives 2 fucks about you or your shitty city.

            Winner. Game Over Troll.

      1. Hey Juniata, hows about you me and your husband doin the hibbitty smackity wankity in the back seat of my jeep?

    2. Fucking retard. You visit another city’s sports blog to talk shit and proceed to mispell your own famous athlete’s name. Classic Shitsburgh. I’d rather live in the lower income section of Kabul.

  3. Sooo Pens fans troll a Philly Blog to try and talk shit. You “fans” keep saying 1975. Is that because you’re referring to the FIRST time the pens went bankrupt? One idiot can’t even spell their best player’s name right. Why are they even on here when this has NOTHING to do with the Penqueens? Are you all just jealous because those girls in the commercial are more of a man than Crosby is? Get a job and stop trolling, you homos.

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