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This is why I’m the best blogger in the city. I mean, I hate to gloat, but I absolutely called the meth lab in Horsham the other night. There’s just no other way to put it.

On Tuesday night, Ms. CB and I had a meeting with the pastor who will marry us. The meeting went from about 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. On the way home we were hungry. We decided to get takeout from Tonelli’s, a local pizza pub here in Horsham. Real good stuff. Our food wasn’t ready when we got to the window (they have a window!), so we were instructed to pull forward into a spot and wait as they would bring us out our food. We waited for about 10 minutes, facing westward on 611. We talked about marriage, keeping my ego in check, the SNL baby skit from last week and, prophetically, the Days Inn across the street, which we’ve lived near for almost two years.

Convo, starting with me:

Who stays at that Days Inn?

What? What do you mean who stays there? People traveling. Business people, I guess.

I mean, sure, there’s the business park around the corner, but besides that, who comes to the Days Inn in Horsham? 

Maybe people from the military base used to stay there.

I’m sure if they were in the military, they stayed on base.


We should stay there one night. Have a little getaway. Bow-chick…


Seriously though, it’s a shady place. Like I bet you bad stuff happens there. Prostitution. Gotta be drugs. I bet you people sell drugs there.

Stop. I’m sure people don’t…

No for real. Who comes to the Days Inn on 611 in Horsham? It’s a drug hotel. I’m telling you, bad stuff happens there. Look at that guy walking in and pushing the cart with a weird limp. It’s shady. 

Is our food here yet?

No joke– that was pretty much our conversation. I remember it, vividly.

Fast forward less than 72 hours… and basically Jesse Pinkman is on the loose. From Montgomery Media:

Police and K-9 units were still searching the area around the Days Inn Hotel in Horsham around 4 p.m. today, April 4, after responding to a report of a meth lab allegedly discovered in a room at the hotel. Horsham police had gone to the hotel to serve a warrant on a man, identified by police as Gary Long, who was staying in the room with the suspected meth lab at the hotel and managed to escape, police said.

The meth lab was allegedly discovered at a Days Inn Hotel in Horsham around 2 p.m. April 4, according to a Breaking News Network alert.

Horsham Lt. Jon Clark said at the scene police were at the hotel at 245 Easton Road to serve a Bucks County warrant he believed was for a theft charge on Long. They thought they would just go in, get him and bring him out, Clark said, but when officers went to serve the warrant, Long, who was staying in room 333 since approximately Monday, slid a window open and jumped from a third-floor window onto a mulch pile as a detective entered the room, he said. The man believed to be Long then ran off and was now the subject of a manhunt, he said.

Nailed it.

Just for proof, I recorded my conversation with Ms. CB when she came home from work today, because I’m that type of guy:

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This is why you read, folks. This is why you read. Come for the instincts, stay for the gang breakdowns.