Is Proposing to Your Girlfriend in McFadden’s After B.J. Rosenberg Gives Up Three Home Runs the Most Delco Thing Ever?

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It’s OK– I grew up in Delco, I can make these jokes.

Email from reader Matt:

This clown decided to stand up on the bar at McFadden’s last night, right after the back-to-back-to-back home runs, pull his hood on, and propose to his girlfriend.  Then right afterwards orders 6 shots of fireball for him, his [fiancée] and [fiancée]’s friend.

Now that’s class. Waiting until the quiet moment in the bar, after B.J. Rosenberg fat fat fatties the game away, to pop the big question. Baggy cargo shorts for maximum flexion. The hood… for God knows why. And the shots of Fireball, because that’s the way to kick off the nuptial process. Here’s to avoiding the other 50% of unions.

Commenter Delco Jorts is going to be all over this one.


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    1. Dude you’re from that meth-filled,section 8 housing dump known as Port Richmond,you have no room to talk.

    2. yea why can’t they just leave it to the port richmond and fishtown class people to go to mcfadden’s and beat people to a pulp in the parking lot. why does everyone have to ruin white trash fun?

  1. Pure white trash. Propose to your gf at a shit bar like mcfaddens bp.
    Shaking my fucking head

    1. Reading your incoherent jibberish leads me to believe that you’ve been hitting the Jack Daniels a little early.

  2. Hey assholes this was my bf…they are not trash. Don’t be jealous you all have to go home tonight and fuck your fat wife/gf instead of my hot friend, eat a dick you pussies

        1. How many tats does your lowlife BFF have?
          Now get your sweet ass off this site, cunt

          1. Not my fault god have me 3 fingers on my right hand. Doesn’t stop me fingering girls with my dick & lifting weights.

    1. Are you the “best friend” mentioned in the story who did a shot with them? Obviously you’re the epitome of class. Please teach us your ways.

    2. Who proposes in a hoodie? That guy must be pure class. Good luck to your best friend.

  3. I hope that plane carrying Ruben Amaro Jr. crashes into the Atlantic Ocean and is never seen or heard from again, just like the Malaysian Airlines plane.

      1. So let me get this straight,you want the Phillies manager to die in a plane crash because of his inadequate job as Phillies gm.

        My friend there’s more to life than baseball,try getting a date like normal guys.

  4. Hey man, don’t knock it. He’s so special, She’s so special. We are marrying our girlfriends at McFadden’s then we are taking our honeymoon Las Vegas. We are flying out there on the company dime to see UFC 508.

  5. Remember when we got engaged? The phils shat their depends and we took shots of fireball to try and forget…it was the perfect ending to a perfect day…

  6. Now Tony Bruno has a beef with these two getting engaged, fuck you. Go deliver your fucking stupid flea infested cats you bald pussy. At least these two don’t have leather skin like that blonde whore you live with, I bet $100 Tony has the cats licking peanut butter from his little cock

  7. haha, man that chick is going to wake up today with a nasty hangover and a ton of regret. I can see it now with the people she works with, “so how did he propose?!?”. “Ummm, well we were tanked at some filthy bar watching the Phils get smashed and he puts me up on the bar….”

      1. Yea! You don’t know the full story!!!

        See, that’s how they met… Getting shitfaced doing fireball shots in McFaddens. He baught her 2 shots, she danced on the bar, he takes an up skirt, shows his friends, and they bang it out for good measure in Jetro.

        Reliving the day you met. The whole thing is pretty romantic if you ask me.

        For instance, I’m taking my chick to our old place of employment where we met and having her suck my dick in the broom closet before I pop the question.

  8. If this trashy whore is so hot, then what is her twitter handle so we can check her out and possible even pleasure ourselves to her.
    If you don’t give it, then we have no choice but to assume she is an ugly, trashy, Delco pig and we’ll continue on with the rest of our lives.

    1. I agree, if she’s a hot whore I’ll go searching for her to fuck her. Break that lowlife wedding up.
      @ fuck you BFF Where can I find pics of your whore friend???

    1. I think so…

      I’m thinking also possibly drunk. Fireball shots all around.

  9. Yo do people in delco live in a self contained bubble or what? Proud to be from Bucks baby

  10. Wow, if this is the proposal I can only assume the wedding reception will be held at a VFW

  11. I bet the girl had a abortion earlier in the day and her bf was lucky enough to get free tixs by someone in the 8th inning

  12. I vow to respect your family, including your brother Carlos, whom no one ever seems to notice is obviously Puerto Rican, even though the rest of your family is clearly caucasian.

    I vow to cherish our pit-mix Chase, and walk him at least two doors down to let him shit on that guy’s lawn with the Chevy Blazer permanently parked on it.

    I vow to always take you to the best concerts, and not get upset if you let my brother fingerbang you on the ride home from Kid Rock/Tesla (again).

  13. Meh. I don’t see the big deal.

    And I’d rather wear some cargo shorts than those douchebag khaki shorts with those loafers and no socks…might as well tattoo douche on your forehead.

    1. Agreed. Why Kyle would put this girl on blast, knowing exactly how shitty the comments would get, is lost on me. It was probably a huge night for her, regardless of how anyone else feels about it.

      1. It’s anonymous so it can be made fun of and garner comments and page views…Not like he posted her name or twitter handle.

        1. If her best friend found it, she knows. My fiance proposed barefoot at a backyard BBQ – maybe not the classiest of events, but it was perfect. If strangers were screaming about how I “had a abortion earlier in the day” just because they didn’t agree with how he did it, I’d be a bit mortified, yeah. Just bad form all around.

      2. Girl you is a wacky tabacky! That guy is fine, wish he would propose to me, if you know what i mean…

        1. @Gabby- This site wasn’t built on rock n roll, it was built on the comment section. You fucking cunt whore

  14. Am I the only one who thinks the biggest fail of this all is that the moron has his hood up indoors proposing to her?

    1. Considering this post is being seen a lot, the fact that his identity is hidden makes it a good maneuver.


  16. Now that I think about it, I saw a fat guy propose to his fat girlfriend at the Vet during Scott Rolen’s first game returning as a Cardinal. The best part was that it was buy one get one free hot dog night, and they seriously had like 46 hot dog wrappers under their seats. So this officially isn’t the tackiest proposal ever in my book.

  17. This comment thread was the whole reason this site exists. Hilarious.

  18. Oh, by the way…

    -This proposal could not have been more douchey

    -Fireball tastes like shit

    -Port Richmond and Fishtown are not the meth and section 8 meccas….that is Mayfair and Tacony. So, fuck off.

  19. That whore was giving out free handies and bj’s in the parking lot 2 hours before the proposal. Overheard a guy saying “Damn my dick feels really weird…. like it’s infected or something”. Pretty sure he got some sort of whore disease from her.

  20. Bad form, Kyle. Big fan of the site, but this is just cyber bullying them. As an emotional support teacher, this is a huge issue in today’s world.

    Go Phils!

    1. Heres an idea: pop your titty out of their mouths and quit babying them. You are turning these kids into little drama queens. Emotional support. What a load of shit.

    2. All those emotional support sessions are going to come in real handy when we’re at war with the Chinese in 20 years.

    3. Fuck you faggot. Drunk drive into a school yard.

      See what i did there?

      In all seriousness, as an emotional support teacher “We’re paying for this?” you should teach your kids to have some self respect so they don’t cry or kill themselfs the first time someone on the internet tells them they’re ugly. We got REAL bullied growing up and we’re fine. Bunch of fuckin pussy’s, you’re all raising.

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