Jakub Voracek and Scott Hartnell Dyed Their Beards Black

Voila_Capture 2014-04-17_11-51-00_AM

Strange move by Jakub Voracek and Scott Hartnell, both of whom dyed their beards black. I was a big fan of the orange(-ish) look, since it meant that virtually every Flyer had their beard color matched to the center of the Crest… but, I kind of like this. It’s somewhat terrifying. Jake looks like he may kill children and eat them. And Hartnell looks like a pirate. It’s all just the right amount of quirky. Oh, and perhaps best part? The Hartnell-Giroux-Voracek line can now be called the Orange and Black Line.

Side note: It’s going to be a real awkward conversation with Ms. CB when I tell her that I need to dye my beard black in advance of our wedding.

UPDATE: G said he has no plans to join them. Perfect.

pics via Sarah Baicker (@sbaickerCSN), the only beat who thought to take a decent picture


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  1. Real hard hitting stuff you fucking douche. How about some actual pre-game reporting with facts and shit like that?

    1. If that’s what you’re looking for, go read stats off Espn.com or some analytical site you doosh.

  2. ^ wrong site dude, apparently per voracek they’ve done this so when the beard grows in it will be orange and black. i like the mindset.

  3. Heard they dyed beards black so when they start growing out their beards are orange and black. Probably zero truth to that rumor, but fun concept.

  4. @obviousdudesays good spelling you fucking retard.
    @MM now that makes sense. Wish Kyle would have put in that little piece of info. I like it too. I’m just bored at work and wanted to troll Kyle. My bad.

    Go Flyers

  5. Getting some “Just for Men” right after work and joining them.

    If you have a red beard and you don’t do this, you are a communist. Sorry, G. Do it for the team.

  6. People actually give a fuck and playoff beards?????

    1. People actually want to join in on the playoff fun and do something different?! Get the hell out of here!

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