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Strange move by Jakub Voracek and Scott Hartnell, both of whom dyed their beards black. I was a big fan of the orange(-ish) look, since it meant that virtually every Flyer had their beard color matched to the center of the Crest… but, I kind of like this. It’s somewhat terrifying. Jake looks like he may kill children and eat them. And Hartnell looks like a pirate. It’s all just the right amount of quirky. Oh, and perhaps best part? The Hartnell-Giroux-Voracek line can now be called the Orange and Black Line.

Side note: It’s going to be a real awkward conversation with Ms. CB when I tell her that I need to dye my beard black in advance of our wedding.

UPDATE: G said he has no plans to join them. Perfect.

pics via Sarah Baicker (@sbaickerCSN), the only beat who thought to take a decent picture