Jimmy Rollins Walks It Off, Tells Fan to “shut the f$%k up”

ezgif-saveJimmy Rollins walked it off in the tenth with a solo blast and as he tossed his bat toward the Phillies dugout, he appeared to yell “shut the fuck up” to a heckler.

He explained while talking to Gregg Murphy and that extra G after the game:

“Got a fan up there yelling at me, so I wanted to shut him up more than anything.”

It’s hard to tell exactly what Rollins said, but the sentiment is obvious. I imagine this is something Jimmy has been waiting to do all spring following the who cares comment and that ensuing fallout.

You know, it could have been a Marlins fan heckling Jimmy…. but, yeah, that’s doubtful. Either way, I like the spunk from J-Roll™.


Voila_Capture 2014-04-12_11-22-03_PM Voila_Capture 2014-04-12_11-22-13_PM

Video of the home run after the jump.

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32 Responses

  1. You sure that’s a Marlins fan he’s yelling at I didn’t know they existed in Miami much less Philadelphia…Could have been just an asshole

  2. Good for Rollins. Let me guess, the “fan” was a loud mouthed slob who most likely cheered the dog killer on a weekly basis yet trashes the Phillies, the only team that has won anything recently in this sports wasteland known as Philadelphia.

  3. Philly fans are the most ungrateful fans in America.

    The way you drunken bastards disrespect Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard is shameful,and only fuels the National perspective about how negative Philadelphians are towards their athletes.

    And btw have fun watching our NY Rangers kick the living shit out of your precious Flyers.


    1. I guess I’d be bitter and pathetic enough to visit another town’s blog if I was the product of incest rape too.

      1. Wow. I could hear you smashing your fists on your desk in frustration from here. Get out much, loser?

        You’re welcome. Try to handle your public humiliation with class.

        1. Yeah I’m a big loser who comments on his own city’s sports blogs. Say hello to your father/uncle for us, and sorry your pig of a mother died of raging anal herpes.

          1. Dude. Seriously. You sound like a big fucking dork. Just stop responding and do yourself a favor. You’re humiliating yourself.

    2. What the Fuck you talking about bro. ELi was getting trashed by every Gaints fan I know during the second SuperBowl winning season. Sorry we can’t rally behind Jimmy and Ryan anymore. But last time i checked no one in Philly gives a shit what new york thinks of us.

      1. Rigggggght. No one gives a shit. Which is why hand jobs such as you and “Carlton Dances” trip over yourselves to respond.

        You’re welcome. And PLEASE stop humiliating yourself.

  4. Hey, that fan is a hero in my book. It takes a lot to get that lazy mother fucker motivated.

    Side note why do African Americans love using the word “ignorant”?

  5. Anyone hear big tity jade McCarthy bashing philly fans on sports center this morning?

  6. 10 rbi in 9 games & a .395 OBP?

    Jimmy is playing well. Hope he keeps it up.

    Of course, that means that someone in the box seats needs to keep on heckling him. 😉

    . . .and Kyle will no doubt turn this into a best-selling t-shirt. I can just see it now.

  7. Nobody knows if it was a phils or marlins fan but i guess you can just make shit up. And “its hard to tell exactly what jimmy said”?? Uh he was interviewed and confirmed he said shut the F up. Come on dude. Check some facts before you throw crap on here

  8. 1. CLASSIC gif no matter how you feel about Rollins. That is MLB The Show shit right there.

    2. Jimmy’s yelling at fans after 11 games. This is going to be an entertaining losing season, at least.

    3. TMac is gargling with Astroglide this morning to prepare for Sundays with Schmidt.

  9. Gotta remember that Lower level games are family environments. That Yinzer needs to watch his language. The pens/arena staff were heavy handed, but justified, mostly because the douche is a wad of white trash that makes the delcco crowd look like main liners.

  10. So the millions of dollars isn’t enough. Some moron in the stands gets you motivated? WTF

  11. did they cut that loser? i hear he cant play no more I knew it! washing cars at lennys car wash!

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