Keith Olbermann named the Flyers’ social media person his Worst Person in the Sports World last night for their unfriend your Rangers fan friends campaign (which I thought was delightfully endearing*). He also implied that you cawnt matt reid dis:

“Very much a waste of time. Flyers fans, on Facebook? Don’t you have to be able to read to use Facebook?!”

I laughed. Olbermann grew up in New York and is presumably very much a Rangers fan. Nothing wrong with a friendly swipe at the opposition. You may deposit your faux outrage here_________.

*It also led me to discover that I, too, am a fan of the Rangers on Facebook. I think I “liked” them to get updates sometime around the Winter Classic. That, or I am the sports world’s greatest sleeper cell and was planted here in 2009, waiting for this exact moment with which to strike. LONG LIVE MESSIER!. LET’S GO RANGERS! POTVIN SUCKS! SAM ROSEN FOR LIFE!

H/T to reader Michael