Marcus Hayes Ripped Sam Hinkie for No Apparent Reason Today

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You may be surprised to learn that Marcus Hayes, known for injecting race into discussions that shouldn’t involve race, wrote a column today ripping the very white Sam Hinkie, whose efforts thus far have been almost universally applauded by pundits, for being a nerdy wizard, while calling Thaddeus Young, who made $8.6 million to play basketball this season, a hero.

To the excerpt machine!

Oddly, inexcusably, one voice will be missing: the voice of the producer of this lovable mess:

Sam Hinkie, the invisible general manager.

So far, he has generally managed to remain silent.

He destroyed every semblance of the Sixers’ core, implemented an evaluation process at least partly based on analytics, the use of which apparently requires an advanced degree in mathematics, a pocket protector and a Merlin hat.

Then – poof! – Hinkie disappeared.

At midday yesterday, Hinkie had yet to complete his meetings with the players, so his absence from the season-ending handshake party was excusable.

That he is not at Harris’ side today?


Certainly, Harris will endorse the job done so far by Hinkie, his handpicked Wonderboy, despite these facts:

* The Sixers began the season with four viable NBA starters but finished with just two, one of whom could ask for his walking papers in the next few weeks.

* They tied the NBA record for consecutive losses.

* And they got zero minutes of playing time from their No. 1 post player for the second year in a row.

Uh, Sam?

Never mind.

Um, what? What exactly does Marcus expect Hinkie to say– “Yes, everything is going exactly according to plan and we were successful in our quest to field the worst basketball team we possible could without getting fined by the league for throwing games”?

It’s fairly obvious to anyone paying even the slightest bit of attention that the Sixers having only two viable starters and tying the NBA record for consecutive losses was very much by design in an effort to get multiple high draft picks in a draft stocked with talent. Marcus knows this. He has to know this. But he wrote the column anyway, criticizing the guy who, in an admittedly small sample size, has done all the things people wanted and expected him to do. 

If Marcus would’ve just stopped there, this wouldn’t be worth discussing. But nope. He continued. Let’s rip Sam Hinkie for a job well-done, wax poetic about Thaddeus Young, and then throw in what borders on a dangerous landowner-slave reference just for fun:

Wisdom was sought, then, from those less-equipped to dispense it.

Young completed a heroic season uninjured but not undaunted. Selfless, hungry and nearing his peak, Young yesterday dropped the facade he has worn since the Sixers traded away three starters. He said he would insist on knowing the particulars of the Sixers’ plan going forward, and, if he didn’t like it, or if he was not told, he would ask to be traded.

Young, as good a soldier who ever served in this town, has earned this sort of impudence. Hinkie sold off the farm but kept Young to pull the plow, to keep the rows straight, to lead the herd. Young did all of that.

Does Young deserve a preemptive extension?

Only Hinkie can say, and Hinkie’s not saying anything about anything.


To Marcus’ credit, he went on to write very nice things about Brett Brown. But he then returned to bashing Hinkie and compared him to Joe Banner:

Hinkie certainly is smart, organized, and prepared; but then, so was Joe Banner.

Over a 20-year span in Philadelphia, Banner revolutionized the football business market; established a template for an era of NFL transactions; and led the Eagles franchise to its most glorious era.

Nevertheless, Banner’s lack of appeal and his inability to suffer fools made him a pariah. At the first chance, Banner was run out of town on a rail.

Perhaps the Sixers are simply protecting their Wonderboy. Hinkie cannot put his foot in his mouth if he keeps his mouth shut.

The team is diminished for that.

So is Hinkie; at least, he is this week, when only one significant voice will be missing.

The only one that matters.

This is a really bad column.

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  1. Marcus Hayes knows Marcus Hayes is only read if Marcus Hayes writes moronic things.

    1. James Cameron doesn’t do what James Cameron does for James Cameron. James Cameron does what James Cameron does because James Cameron is James Cameron.

  2. Mr. Hayes, what you’ve just written is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent column were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Every Sixers fan is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul

  3. Marcus Hayes is the most obnoxious, fat, racist shits in this city and should be fired from his job and go back to being a grass cutter or maybe working that garbage lunch break show with Rhea, who is looking for her fourth husband in the last ten years.

  4. Marcus Hayes had questions for Hinkie. He thought they were good questions.

    Hinkie didn’t show up… This is the adult equivalent of a temper tantrum.

    Oh, and who can avoid a good slavery reference?

  5. The only reason this fat load writes these columns is because his sports writing is so shitty, baiting race wars is what gets his articles read.

    Lazy journalism by a fat, lazy, negligent fat “writer.”

    Seriously Marcus, have some pride and write a compelling article that actually makes me excited about the Philly sports landscape and not one that plays off your own racist tendencies.

  6. Chubs has been irrelevant for years. Why should anyone care what he says now?


  7. My son Marcus Hayes is the only person in Philadelphia who does not understand what the Sixers are doing, hell even I know and I am 102. The Editor should be fired for putting this out. No substance or fact checking just the opinion of a sports writer who thinks he is Gods gift to journalism. He is a blow hard and I gave birth to him.

    1. I told you to let me pull out. Now we have inflicted this douche bag on the world

  8. Gee, why are the local papers going out of business?

    Next season he’ll be calling him a genius when we have Parker/Wiggins, Noel, McW, and another high draft pick flying up & down the court and winning games & hearts.

    Together we build.

    Tank today and we walk together forever.

  9. Marcus Hayes is a byproduct of white trash race traitor devil crotch mixing it up with the electric boog-a-loo. Bad genetics

  10. Marcus Hayes hates rich white people.

    And the sky is blue.
    And the grass is green.

    I’d pay to see someone from Delco beat his racist ass.

  11. Can the Philly papers just die already so we’re not subjected to this garbage any longer.

  12. Between Hayes and John Smallwood, it’s hard to tell who’s whining more about Hinkie’s tank strategy which was not, and I repeat, NOT a secret, and they’re both annoying as hell about it. They just need to STFU.

    1. Other than the mystery of why Marcus sees the need to constantly stroke Thad Young, both he and Smallwood have valid points. What Hinkie did this season was an embarrassment to the franchise and the city. When you orchestrate a tie for the longest losing streak in the history of professional sports for 5 2nd round picks, you deserve to be skewered.

      In a worse case scenario, depending on how the lottery Ping-Pong balls fall, if New Orleans gets a top three pick and three other teams behind the Sixers move up in front of them, the Sixers will be left with one pick only, the fifth pick.

      Granted, that’s not probable, but it is possible. And to then have Hinkie not show up for the post-season press conference and let that mumbling billionaire have to explain things is inexcusable.

  13. Not baiting, trolling or trying to be contrarian here, but I read this article today and agreed with almost every aspect of the article – the theme, the conclusion, the tone, the style. Hinkie tanked the team this year, and didn’t show up for any of the end of year press to explain himself. Is that not worth a little scrutiny and accountability? Almost every comment Hayes made was a factual statement. Obviously the unspoken conclusion is “Hinkie better have a damn good plan to make us suffer through this season,” and anyone who is paying attention to Sixer basketball in Philly is certainly thinking that. But still, what’s the big deal?

    Also, I didn’t detect any racial elements to the article as well. I did read the overtly racist (i.e. insecure) comments on’s disqus comment board saying that Hayes would have never written this about a black GM. Setting aside the chorus of troglodytes, what about this article was remotely race-baiting?

    Again, what was so bad about this article? We just watched an 82 game train wreck- hoping of course that this mess could be parlayed into something good (getting a couple Kansas alum in the draft and luring a free agent in 2015), but it’s totally fair to hold Hinkie accountable for what we saw and make it clear that if this doesn’t pay off, people shouldn’t let him hide behind the curtain.

    Stick to posting pictures of a bunch of white Philadelphia Eagles wearing hockey jerseys. You take comfort in such things.

    p.s. – I’m as white as the Flyer’s away jerseys.

  14. The number one reason why I no longer have the daily news delivered or read it. Snot nosed grad from the cuse. Enough said.

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