Marcus Hayes Would Like to Remind You That Claude Giroux Hadn’t Scored at MSG Since Before the Libyan Revolution

Does my fat head make me look fat?
Does my fat head make me look fat?

I am in no way defending Claude Giroux, because his play this series has left a lot to be desired. I credit the Rangers for much of that – their defense is superb – but still, great players find a way, and Giroux hasn’t found a way. There’s a fine line between passionate play and reckless play. Giroux is at his best when he’s playing impassioned… he’s at his worst when he’s reckless. His free-swinging one-timers are born from confidence when he’s going good… they look ill-advised when he’s struggling. 

But whatever your thoughts on G and his play against the Rangers, I think we can all agree that this is just about the worst hockey column imaginable. Mr. Marcus Hayes:

Claude Giroux got off his first shot on goal at Madison Square Garden in four games.

He scored his first goal at MSG in more than 3 years, and his first goal of the playoffs.

Clearly, the Flyers’ captain must have played very well.

Certainly, he led his team to a playoff win.



The Flyers lost Game 5, 4-2.

Somehow, despite logging a game-high six shots and finally scoring a goal that Osama bin Laden, Muammar Gaddafi and Kim Jong-il weren’t alive to see, Giroux seemed to be even less a factor than in the first two games at MSG.


If you got whiplash from craning your neck at that terrorist-evil dictator line, you’re not alone. I think Marcus was referring to the fact that G hasn’t scored in New York in three years. But… yikes. And where’s the love for Paul Walker and Whitney Houston? They would’ve liked to have seen G light the lamp!

Plus the hackiness is strong with this one. Hayes uses his one-sentence paragraph shtick (which I sometimes like to refer to as laziness) to hammer on Giroux’s struggles in the most melodramatic way possible. Look at this:

Later in the first, Brian Boyle thumped him into the side boards and Derick Brassard tried to trip him. After that, Giroux seemed to disappear.

He lost his speed. He became anonymous.

He declined to shoot twice, once in front, once from the left.

He nearly whiffed on a shot midway through the second period, the Flyers up a skater during a delayed penalty call.

He nearly whiffed trying to check Girardi on the resulting power play.

By then, the extra attention from the Rangers had essentially evaporated.

By then, with a little maneuvering, he was allowed time and space.

“You need to be able to adjust and create your own room out there,” he said.

Even so . . .

In the end, he scored.

This reads like a poorly written fable. I’m just surprised that Hayes didn’t give the face-off circle a voice in this prose. The Ginger beast beset my paint, for it was he who was relegated to the off-angle one-timer.

You talk about trying to create a narrative. I suppose “the Rangers play really stingy defense and Giroux, who is not as big and fast as other stars, struggles to create his own shot” isn’t as interesting.

In other news, Sam Carchidi would like to remind you that Game 6 is a must-win:


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  1. an empty trash gets pushed around by the wind gusts that precede a thunderstorm.

    1. These talking head pompous hacks in this old mens club also known as “journalists” need to go away and never come back. They are useless. None of them ever competed in athletics at any meaningful level. I’d be shocked to hear they made it past JV in high school.

      They are clearly concerned about this blog amongst other sports blogs. The Inquirer and Daily News need to cut the sports department now. Save us the pain of having to see it continue to bleed out.

    1. I’m not trying to reopen Kacie-gate but under the pic she wrote S/O to CB for the shirt.
      Does that mean it was given to her?

      1. Wouldn’t shock me if kacie is seeing a shrink after all those hateful comments she read.
        I think she’s very talented & has a bright future

    2. If you’re going to send someone a free shirt it might as well be a self-promoting human billboard like Mrs. Ed

  2. Caught a glimpse of Marcus on Barkann’s show the other day. Fat fuck looks like he sweats mozzarella. Barkann should have stuck to his guns and perma-banned him back in ’05.

  3. I apologize for inflicting this douche bag on the world. I should have puled out.

  4. I love how all these dumbasses say ‘great players find a way to score’, as if this validates them saying Giroux is not a great player. And then you got this ‘supposed, run away MVP’ in Cindy stinking it up worse in Shitsburgh, with better talent around him that gets attention. I guess Pussboy is not as great as the blowhards would all have us to believe then, working off your logic.

  5. Wake me up when Giroux finally takes over a game,until then I’ll continue enjoying my nap.

  6. in all seriousness, does any still watch DNL or whatever the hell it is called these days? i have never seen a panel of so nonathletic-looking people discussing sports. a convention of guts, triple chins, moobs, and cankles that prides itself on criticism of athletes.

    1. That was a bad idea when they went with a round table set.
      Also very annoying this whole week on sports radio will be all about Donald sterling & mike miss will milk it forever

      1. expect to hear the following statement quite frequently the next several days……..
        “well (insert name), if you dont want to talk about donald sterling then you need to look within yourself there skippy because it means you are a latent racist.”

  7. Also, Wayne Simmonds has been the best Flyer all series. Oh, and Ray Emery should be back in net for game six… Oh and also next year the Flyers need to acquire Jarome Iginla, PK Subban, Evander Kane…

      1. Yeah, I agree. Back of the bus! Why is this stupid nigga talking about hockey?Stick to blackestball!

  8. What cost the Flyers the game, aside from the Hal debacle: Forecheck.

    1. Dump puck in to corner
    2. First man takes body of defender that reaches puck
    3. Second man rushes for the puck and retains posession
    4. Third man crashes net for quick pass or rebound

    Flyers did not do this; this is hockey.

  9. I wonder if anybody in the Philly media realizes Giroux has one more goal than Crosby and Malkin combined in the postseason this year. I’m sure the Pittsburgh media is ready to run them out of town.

  10. Unfortunately I think your “let them eat crow” segment has everyone of the media that was mentioned, just waiting to pounce on Giroux if Flyers get eliminated. I think it’s unfair to point finger at him when at least he is noticeable in both ends of the ice Lecalvier, Hartnell and Read even play for the team anymore??

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