You’re going to hear a lot about Tupelo, Mississippi today. Unfortunately. They just got leveled by a tornado. No reports on injuries or deaths yet, but presumably many people got to cover and escaped harm thanks to the efforts of people like Matt Laubhan, WTVA’s chief meteorologist and a storm-spotter since he was 10.

Today was Matt’s Super Bowl, and he came to play.

As you can see, Matt was taking absolutely zero shit from this storm, laying down the law as it ripped through his viewing area. Things get intense at around :43, when the video briefly locks up and then Matt, in what my be my favorite local news move of all-time, gives 90-degree elbow and forcefully directs his coworkers to the basement – Basement now. Basement now. – before going back to his computer screen and then evacuating himself. A few seconds pass and then he comes back into frame, ever so briefly, to grab his iPhone so he could tweet from the basement:

This is the same badass who proposed to his girlfriend in-studio, on live TV. He even did it in news guy voice! Love this guy. He’s like an aggressive Matt Pellman. LET’S GO TOWER CAM!

I don’t know why anyone would ever live in Mississippi.