Pat Burrell Went Yard Last Night Wearing Khakis


A legend grows.

Pat Burrell, now a Giants scout, took one swing during BP last night. He went yard. Wearing khakis. Which is odd, because he usually hits the home run once the khakis come off.

Video after the jump, via social media.


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  1. It’s a crime he’s not with the phils organization as a scout/front office guy. Center City and the Irish Pub could use him

  2. Still wonder if he fucked that pig in that pick from kings oak that mysteriously we couldn’t comment

    1. I remember that candy, Kyle shutdown the comments for some reason on the pat the bat Sunday funday story. Stories like that make the best comments too

  3. If I had to choose to bring one old guy in as a power bat off the bench, i probably would’ve gone with Burrell over Abreu. But hey, that’s just me.

  4. In a perfect world, he is our Phillies color announcer. At least when we suck he can scan the crowd for puss to comment on (then bang later).

    By the way, last night Stairs said he had no clue who McCahahaharthy and Moyer were talking about last night, then realized it was his former manager who he still talks to on a weekly basis. Great booth guy, that Stairs.

  5. Ya know, he’s just sooooo strong. He was sitting on a pitch middle-in and just dropped the bathead on it.

      1. Ya know, he left that up in the zone a little bit in Pat’s wheelhouse and Pat put a good stroke on it. Everyone knows he’s a first-ball fastball hitter. He back-legged that one and it went a long way. That was huge. This is a really weird game sometimes.

        1. From what I hear, we’ve been having problems pitching and hitting on the same day, and tonight we went out and did that. They’re all over the ballpark these days, hats.

        2. He’d been in a little bit of a funk lately, so it was good to see that. He plays the game the right way. How important was that?

          1. [inaudible]..that was..[inaudible]..and you know..[inaudible]..and he’s oot, ay?

  6. Fuck… Someone remove that clip from the interwebs before Amaro offers him another contract too.

  7. i fucking hate seeing the giants getting laughs out of a guy who was there for one fucking year. fuck you giants.

    1. What’s worse is Burrell has more world championships than our city has had in 30 years.

  8. “Khaki” is a color. Those are grey chinos. I assumed by the whiteness in that Crip Killa video that you would know this Kyle.

  9. How did we get this far down the list, without 1 comment about Leslie Gudel?


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