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Ummmm… yeah, I’d like to party with Penn’s women’s lacrosse team.

Fado general manager Casey Neff emailed University of Pennsylvania administrators and the university’s paper, The Daily Pennsylvanian, after the women’s lacrosse team did some serious damage to his bar on Saturday night:

The event was a pre-planned party hosted by the Penn women’s lacrosse team scheduled from 9-11 p.m., Neff said, although he added that the group stayed much later.

In the email, the bar owner complained that the team members intentionally broke facilities such as a light fixture which caused a “broken glass hazard.” The students also allegedly stole a bottle of liquor from the bar and attempted to steal a six-pack of beer. Neff claimed that the lacrosse players also smoked marijuana in the bathroom and exposed a young woman’s genitals to the “adulation of the rest of the party.” They also allegedly tipped less than 4 percent on the $1,300 tab.

“We want people to have fun. We are happy that people come out,” Neff said. “But that was well above and beyond [the standard] of normal behavior.

“They broke the light fixture, and they literally cheered about it — ‘yeah!’ — are you kidding?”

Few thoughts here:

1) Smashing glass and drinking was a college habit of mine. We had a “keg room” my sophomore year and by about this point in the spring semester, we took turns hurling beer bottles at the rim of kicked kegs to achieve maximum shatter. There’s a certain release that comes with smashing glass. So I get it, girls. I get it!

2) Leave it to Penn students to spend over $1,000 of their parents money at a bar and leave virtually no tip.

3) …exposed a young woman’s genitals to the “adulation of the rest of the party.” Unnecessary use of adulation. Also: WHY AM I NEVER AT THE BAR WHEN THIS HAPPENS?

There’s more:

Neff said that the team members’ behavior represented “patterns of behavior with [Penn] groups over several years.” Student groups affiliated with Wharton have already been banned from making reservations at Fado, due to incidents such as students using cocaine in the bathrooms, having sex in the janitor’s closet and urinating on the bar.

The most recent incident forced the pub’s managers to hold a meeting on Monday to discuss their future policy on taking reservations from Penn groups.

I’m telling you– Ivy League students and alumni are the craziest people to hang out with. Their brains run at such maximum capacity most of the day that they have no other choice but to shut it off a few nights a week and do completely ridiculous things. I’d be more scared (excited?) about hanging out with Penn students after finals than I would be wearing an Eagles jersey to a road game in Oakland. Just total unpredictability from the Ivy Leaguers.

via The Big Lead