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I was taken aback the other night when Wil Nieves stepped to the plate. I forgot he was on the Phillies. In fact, I was more surprised to learn that he was a Phillie than I was when I read Zoo With Roy this morning and learned that Nieves is also on Tinder*– the site for casual encounters. Sex.

Twittererererer (and sports commentator?) Elika Sadeghi last night tweeted a screenshot of one of her matches– Wil, 36, who is “just looking for friends and [to] have a good time.”

Now, besides the obvious chuckle that comes from a professional baseball player using a picture of himself and his baby daughter on a site for people who want to, in ZWR’s words, “boink,” there are two other notable takeaways here:

1) Check the timestamp. According to Sadeghi, who is operating on Pacific Time, Nieves was active two hours ago from 1:03 a.m. on Tuesday night-Wednesday morning. Presumably, two hours means somewhere between two-three hours, which means that Nieves was active sometime before 11:03 p.m. PST on Tuesday night. The Phillies game, which started at 7:10 and went for three hours and 36 minutes, ended at approximately 10:46 p.m. Which means that Nieves was likely online dating from the Phillies’ clubhouse at Dodger Stadium, presumably in the company of naked men. I find this delightful.

2) Puerto Rican marriage records aren’t exactly the best, but as of last July, Nieves was married (to a former model).

*Which is totally now in my history and could cause real problems in my life. Thanks, Wil Nieves.