Voila_Capture 2014-04-25_10-04-51_AM

pic via Tony Gwynn’s son

I don’t know why I found this photo so funny.* But I’d like to call your attention to the overheard bin in this picture of Ben Revere trying to get comfortable on the Phillies’ Airbus A320 Delta charter.** Next to the infant life vests (in case Freddy Galvis needs saving), in the yellow bag, are presumably the life vests for flight attendants and crew. Row 25 is in the back of the 26-row plane, so it would make sense that they’d store them there. But thank God they leave just enough room for Pringles. Water bottles? Check. Life vests? Check. GIANT CONTAINER OF PRINGLES THAT WE CAN CRUSH AND FEED THROUGH AN IV TO RYAN HOWARD TO MAKE HIM MORE BUOYANT? GOT IT COVERED, CAPTAIN SULLY!

Oh and hey, the Phillies are back to .500. So… that’s something.

*It’s not really that funny. It’s just a slow day. Ukee Washington’s testicle? Now THAT was funny. I spent all day yesterday laughing and crying at the thought of someone accidentally tweeting a throwback pic of their ball sack and not knowing they did it.

**Is Philly the only four-sport city in the country that doesn’t have a team that flies on a private jet?