Hello. There is money to win.

Our friends at Draft Street, for the first time that I can remember, are offering up a two-night(!) only fantasy league with $20,000 in prizes for the start of the playoffs. Games on Wednesday, April 16 and Thursday, April 17.

Sign up here.

Unlike some of the contests we promote, this one isn’t free… but, you can win up to $5,000 from a $20,000 prize pool.

Here are the details:

It’s a $22 entry fee.

First place wins $5,000. Second place gets $2,000. Third place gets $1,200.

The top 120 finishers are paid, out of only 1,000 participants.

It is a salary cap style draft.

First time depositors at DraftStreet receive a 100% bonus up to $20. In other words: deposit $20, and you’ll be given an additional $20– enough to play in this game and other games. I’m not sure if there is a better fantasy offer out there. All you need to do is deposit $20 to play in a $20,000 league and have money leftover to join other games.

We’ve been working with Draft Street for years, so you need not worry about signing up. Their service is 100% legal (since fantasy sports are considered a game of skill) and their payouts are immediate. We’ve received nothing by great feedback about them. The only fine print you should be aware of is that the withdraw minimum is $20. So if you win one of the smaller prizes, it essentially serves as an account credit. But you’re going for the big money anyway.

There are limited spots available, so if you want to play, get in now. It takes two minutes to create your team. Play here.