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    1. until he’s not. the flyers have traded more captains then any other team in the nhl. holmgren is a terrible evaluater of talent.

  1. i love carcillo. i learned to love his passion for the game when he was a flyer. just another former flyer with his name on lord stanley’s cup. no fresh perspective. 39 years is too long. sell the team. fire all of the former flyers.

  2. The Rangers are a better team. The Flyers fan giving the finger is a typical Flyers’ fan loser. In other news, hockey is a Canadian sport. 99.7% of Flyers fans never put on a pair of ices skates. Losers all around.


    Even our Flyers reject(Dan Carcillo) has scored more goals than Giroux.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it Flyer fans!

      1. House, you’re an obese, smelly turd and you are the worst goalie I’ve ever seen.

    1. Hey Pole Smoker… The series is 7 games and we will see who has the last laugh

  4. Jesus Christ. Do you filthy animals ever get sick of losing? When the world isn’t laughing hysterically at you, believe it or not there are moments where we actually pity you.

    1. Sort of like how we pity New York fans who have nothing better to do with their sad existence than to troll on a Philadelphia sports blog?

      1. Oh, GOOD COMEBACK Hamels. You really showed us!

        Really, how does it feel to continually lose out to New York and every other city?

    1. Why does Sean keep talking about me in the rogaine ads? He is the one who needs it.

  5. Luckily the OB’s will be back in strength next year, paying to watch this shambles of an organization attempt mediocrity yet again. Stop buying tickets, you dumb fucks.

    1. I’m waiting for Kyle to apologize for apologizing for pointing out that this team sucks.

    2. Telling the Flyers fans to stop buying tickets is like telling the drug addict to stop buying drugs,impossible.

  6. Ray Emery is horrible. His ass better not come off the bench the rest of the playoffs. Anyone on this team ever think of faking a shot? After the first 100 shot blocks, it might be time to try something different.

  7. Lol… Isn’t Emery’s fault. Offense is inconsistent and has been all years. Every line has sucked dick

  8. Hey guys we won a game so we’re back to troll because we’re a bunch of huge gaylords.

  9. The ass clown giving Carcillo the finger is just mad he had to pay $25 to park and $5 to cross the bridge for over price seats and a free t shirt….South Jersey Trash

  10. The way these ass kissing,flyer lapdogs are bending over backwards in defense of Giroux is a disgrace.

  11. Fact is, every Philly team is a fucking disgrace. This is a shit town for sports despite what desperate WIP listening “4 for 4” clowns like to spout off. Poorly run organizations and a dumbass fan base. Line up to hand your money to the Eagles and Flyers, the two teams who haven’t done dick in over 40 years. Saps. Flyers #1974 Eagles #never

  12. When the “Car Bomb” has more goals than the Flyers’ best player, you know you’ve got BIG time trouble. If the boys lose on Thursday, turn out the lights, the party’s over.

    1. The game is Friday! You are probably the same loser that has nothing better to do than bash philly teams, even though you haven’t watched them at all this entire year. Most likely just get your opinions from the media like half of philly fans do. Fucking loser. Your ignorance is laughable.

  13. yo cous, great call on the delco guy, maybe sharon hill, I am guessing clifton, anyone notice jeremy roenick tries a little too hard to be good looking?, enough with the hair streaks you big jawed buffoon, hey car-bomb come down to the wip studios and i’ll rip one in your face after i inhale a primo, extra greasy sandwich, awseome man!!

  14. This series has been boring to watch. Style of play and lack of skill is awful. Much better games elsewhere around the league. Flyers shoot blocked.

  15. It is truly Embarrassing to see grown-ass men slap the glass or give double middle fingers (there were at least two of these offenders during the Carcillo goal, a flyers jersey tee + long sleeve green shirt).

    What do you get out of that? It doesn’t do anything to the players. It just looks like trash. They must have been from Delco.

  16. If they lose in Friday chicks will have their panties on lockdown at xfinity live

  17. Flyers fans love looking through orange colored glasses and will tell you he’s great and this series isn’t over etc. And when they are wrong come Monday morning they will tell next year is their year. 20,000 fans strong—u r a joke. 38 years without complaining and counting.

    1. Dude I laughed when I saw in the DN that they all predicted the flyers would win the series.

      What the fuck were they watching the last 3 years when these teams played each other?

    1. That’s fucking right. Only ONE has won a Cup and Snider’s droopy ball sack could have played goal for that team. How the fuck is Mason healthy enough to backup but not start?
      Fuck off Razor.

  18. Carcillo scoring is what the Philly Sports Curse is all about. Always the kick in the gut by the villian


    Just wait until Friday night! Most of the crowd will be Rangers fans since you scumbags are bailing out like rats from a sinking ship.


  20. Wow, after that game last night we had a huge bukkake party, no girls allowed. So much dirty seed.

  21. Sean Brace just a heads up when we see you in manayunk and sea isle still trying to live it up and pretend you are 21… we aren’t laughing with you… we are laughing at you…

  22. Typical flyers fan in the photo. Giving the finger only when protected by the glass. What a great analogy for some of the clueless d-bags on this blog.


  23. Although the Rangers will probably wrap it up in game 5 at home, it would be SO SWEET to win it down in the flyers shithole of an arena in game 6, to deflate the 60% of the crowd that are flyers fans. Here’s hoping Carcillo and others give the philly fans the finger when it’s all over.

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