Pretty Sure This Cartoon Just Took a Shot at Me

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That’s pretty good, actually. Of course, the joke might not be on bloggers. Those Snow Bowl sweatshirts alone paid for my honeymoon and several years worth of utility bills.

cartoon via (@RobTornoe), whom I actually like a lot, via (@TheHypnotoad44)


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  1. Kyle, be proud if this is a shot at you. You’re making money in ways that make them jealous! I bought the G face shirt, love it and have gotten so many complements on it. You’ve ripped some of my tweets sometimes but idc, you do a great job. Keep going strong.

    1. Kyle is one step above all of those Reggies that sell the knockoff t-shirts outside of concerts.

  2. Didn’t you say you’re going to Mexico? Don’t brag too much, pretty sure selling pretzels outside CBP could pay for that.

  3. HEY KYLE,

    Although you probably can’t make much money from a golf tournment, you/we can get a lot of publicity out it. The Main Line Takeover is supplying the drugs and ammunition for the after party. We get a couple girls in bikinis and some kegs and we are set to go.

    Are you a fireball guy?

  4. Good god…the only thing douchier than the low-rent shirts you pump out, is…you, Kyle.

    Get over yourself, pal.

        1. “Lookey someone wrote something that may be about me!” Me me me me I I I I I I I I I I I I I am a somebody! Loser.

  5. No way I believe that unless you went to the Jersey Shore or get free heat and live in the dark.

  6. Like a cartoonist wouldn’t give a handie for $20 when rent is due on their “Fishtown loft” (Chinese restaurant attic).

  7. Nice job conning morons into buying a hideous “Snow Bowl” sweater from you. Nothing’s cooler than a shirt you have to explain to people.

    1. Haha yeah whatwhat! Want to lift some weights and take a shower yo? I gots real soft hands.

    2. So true…no way anyone but CB readers know what that shirt even means. And on a side note, did Celek get his “Bozo of the Year” award for sliding up 14 fuckin’ points?!?!?

  8. Hey, Kyle,

    How about posting something useful……like a link to naked pics of the chick in the red sweater with the HUGE cans in the dating ad…..

  9. Enjoy that $50 I gave you as I received neither of the shirts I ordered. Have to love the PayPal no contesting lag time rule.

    1. Highly skeptical of this comment. If you didn’t receive an order, email me. But again, I highly doubt that’s the case.

  10. Yes, Rob. It’s called capitalism. And you’re a capitalist every time you convince some soon-to-be-bankrupt newspaper to pay you for these shitty cartoons.

  11. Also, when Rob pays his gas bill does he just draw a cartoon of a fat man with a goatee painted on his neck paying in cartoon dollars? hmmm??

  12. I’m not so sure this is a shot at you, Kyle. The caption says, “The lucrative business of being a #Flyers blogger.” Anyone who reads this site knows you just started covering the Flyers about three weeks ago.

  13. Lately I feel like it’s been a non-stop push about the Crossing Broad tees. Like any inkling to promote a shirt, it’s done. Even saying that you made enough from those Snow Bowl shirts alone to pay years in utilities plus a honeymoon? Seriously, seriously doubt that. You have no distribution outside this very niche, Philadelphia area website. I have never seen this shirt worn in person either. I have only seen like 10-15 photos of people you’ve posted in a previous blog post. In fact, I have seen that same exact design elsewhere… with a different team + snow reference.

    There’s enough ads on this site to make decent bank according to your year-end roundup. It’s come to the point where I can’t even view the site on my phone cause some stupid ads (that I don’t click on, mind you) send me immediately to an APP downloading page that then prompts iTunes to come up for download.

    Also if I was Philly Phaithful I’d stop sponsoring this site. Your shirts have shadowed theirs besides that 1 liner they get every Monday Roundup Morning.

    1. I believe what Plano is trying to say is that you sold out Kyle. Simple as that… Sell. Out.
      Now, back to Cynthia Dringus with the weather! #foryoursports

      Get a real job ya dingus!

  14. Gloating about making money of the snowbowl sweatshirts is pretty classy. Why no story about the drug bust?

  15. Everyone on here is a hater!!! What the fuck do you think this site is for???Asshole!!!

  16. Instead of using the money for your honeymoon and utilities you should put it into making a real web site. More like bleacher report rather than a wordpress blog.

  17. Dey kilt afurmativ akshun! Da white man kilt afurmativ akshun! Someone get dat beeper off my ankul I’m gonna riot! Mike if you seeing this is it cool if I sleep over? #funyonsnshasta

  18. Congrats Kyle! “The moment they aren’t taking shots at you; means you’re not on top anymore.” You have the big guns over at coming aiming at you now. This exciting for you and the site.

    Also just my two cents. From another guy who has made it.. made it pretty damn well making money in ridiculous ways. I suggest never hinting to the peons how well you’ve made it. There will always be copycats and people looking to take from you. Spend it, enjoy it and find a charitable cause you support to make it all worth while.

    1. “Another guy who’s ‘made it'”? Who says that? What have you been watching old Laverne & Shirley sitcoms?

      Curious about this magical line you made it across, how much dough we talkin’? $1,000/mo? And how do you know you’re not backing over your line a few months from now? If you haven’t found out that happens, you will. Pretty cocky there bro-

      Oh and Kyle’s a 1,000% lying liar for claiming his shitty snow sweatshirt paid for anything (including themselves). Never seen one anywhere and defy anyone to post pics of them being worn in public.

      Also the comments on this thread are awesome.

  19. Enjoy, it means your blog is getting recognized. The Earth, Wind and Flyer shirt sounds like a good idea to me!!

  20. There’s nuthin’ wrong with shucking a ton if shitty products BO, that’s how I’m gonna get Massimo and Lil Ant into baseball camp so they can get a jump start into the big leagues!

  21. Kyle, in all honesty I could not be more jealous. You have found a way to get the moronic sheep known as Eagles fans to give you their money. For God’s sake they shelled out money for a sweatshirt commemorating a FUCKING GAME THAT WAS PLAYED IN SNOW. Teach me master, let me shear these sheep as well.

    1. Eagles fans. Hoo fuckin’ boy!! Every year I hear the same old shit. We’re going to the Super Bowl this year baby! Give it a fuckin’ rest! The Eagles will never win it as long as that fag Laurie owns the team! He let’s all the good players leave because he’s afraid to open his fuckin’ purse! Look back at the long list that were let go!

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