PSMFO64 Day 22: Today, a Champion is Crowned

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Fadool ends a magical run for Sheil Kapaida, winning 54-46. Kapadia put up a good fight, but in the end it was Fadool who proved to be too strong in the second Final Four matchup. She advances and, today, tips off against Diddy. Fadool-Diddy, for all the marbles.

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You can view the full bracket here.

Choose a champion.

#11 The Green Legion vs. #2 Derrick Gunn

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59 Responses

  1. There is no way you can vote for Amy Fadool. She looks a like a cow now. All hotness is gone and I should know I married Rhea who looks like John Elway with a wig, with those big choppers.

  2. How the fuck did Fadool make it to the finals?? She brings nothing to the table

  3. fadool won because sports nerds think she is attractive because they are used to looking at ryan howards weens only

  4. So it’s down to choosing between the only person in the entire field of 64 that is 100% sports knowledge and 0% goofy schtick, vs. big tits.

    Gee, I wonder which way this crowd will go?


    1. I loves me some fine cans, but here’s da ting: If Amy win, she be all uppity and shite,

      So I’s gonna vote for Diddy, an den make myself available to comfort doze soft puppies when she be all sad and shite about losing.

      1. Awful. Fucking awful attempt at black voice.

        You should be ashamed of yourself.

    1. I don’t think it’s a wad of dried semen, but den I’m not close enuf to make sure.

  5. Since this is the last day someone needs to ask why Kacie McDonnell isn’t in it; also, please vote based on your conscience and not on tits.

    1. I agree. Vote with you brain, not your cock. Plus, Fadool isn’t that hot to begin with, soo….

    1. Because then trannies like you would have requested admittance also.


    2. So, sadly, we answer this question for the final time. Since the comments are the only reason most of us visit this site, the question will truly be missed.

      So, on behalf of Rhea’s Douche; Mike Missanelli’s Heart; and a cast of hundreds:

      Kacie McDonnell is not in this bracket because she only does athletes, not sports. So, presumably, the next time Aaron-whatever-the-fuck-his-name-is kisses her, he will find out what Mark Sanchez’s nutsack taste like.

      When Kyle posts a field of 64 Horse-Tooth-Plastic-Tit=Midgets, she will surely be a #1 seed.

      Thank you for participating.

      1. I just got teary eyed reading this kacie answer post for the last time.

  6. Thank god this drawn out contest is over…zzzzzz….. media chicks of philly contest please. No one comes here for sports knowledge. PTA

    1. Dat be da shit! An none of dis “region per workplace” shit, cause Dei and Leslie both be #1 seeds, yo!

  7. RayD offers nothing more than Fadool on his BEST day, minus the nice cans. Name one thing Diddy has said in the past 5 years that was a) fully accurate, and b) truly original, ie not already spewed by 20 other reporters or bloggers. The dude brings nothing.

    1. Diddy can go on ad nauseum about the 1948 Eagles and Steve Van Buren. Why? Because he does RESEARCH! No other talking head in this town (except maybe Eskin) does as much homework as Ray.

      Look at the Eagles Post-Game Show. He’s got stacks on notes [ok, maybe there should be a separate discussion on Ray getting a life] whereas that clown car Rendell just sits there and spouts off the first cliche that pops into his empty head, sometimes rephrasing what someone else just said.

      Didinger puts in the work. Nobody else does that. Does that win out over big tits? Only the geniuses on this blog can say.


        1. I blame this on that pasty face fuck Kyle who never set out a criteria with regard to bracket survival.

      1. Eskin does research?

        Eskin either a) throws shit on the wall and hopes it sticks (like his Dom Brown for Joey Bats trade rumor last year) or b) regurgitates spin from some other heeb agent or front office official.

  8. Can someone please tell Marks to relax and breathe during his show instead of his usual incessant pointless rambling that always involve him complaining about something.

    1. Don’t forget Mark’s has a big titted fiance who he is going to marry and then divorce within a year. Also, that Brace will continue to hit on fat chicks using his Pitbull imitation at Pitcher’s Pub every week. We definitely need a link to Mark’s big titted fiance.

    2. You listen to those morons.

      I’m sorry but listening to Marks & Brace yelling and screaming over each other to get their point across is not good sports talk radio.

  9. I voted for Pasta Fadool’s boobies, mainly because this whole bracket thing was stupid and it deserves to have a joke as the winner.

    1. Go change your depends’ undergarments you old bastard.

  10. Blond bimbos like Fadool are a dime a dozen, but Ray is a legend. While baseball is my number one sport, but I could listen to Diddy talk football all day long and NEVER be bored. Ray deserves to win, hands down!

  11. Wow, totally shocked Fadool ended up in the finals. Definitely wouldn’t have expected that with the readership here.

    In all seriousness, Kyle could’ve saved himself a lot of time and efforts and just put Wolfe and Fadool in the finals. Didn’t need to bother with the other voting.

  12. When’s the women of Philly media bracket start? Does KC even count anymore – she takes more days off than the rest of them combined, Caitlin Roth probably can’t stand her. It’s definitely a step down from weather to traffic.

    1. Kacie needs these days off to make her long distance relationship work with Aaron Murray

  13. Diddy was too wrong on Bobby April and Nnamdi that he can’t win this thing. Fadool wins by default.

  14. I do like Ray Diddy, but I hate how a lot of Philly fans view his opinions as the end all be all.

  15. If you really listen close, I’m often wrong and never break anything new (i.e. “look for the Eagles to go with a wide receiver or a pass rusher early in this deep draft”). Gee, thanks. Now, that’s research.

    And who the fuck has used a yellow note pad since fifth grade?

    Fadool’s tits will wear the crown.

  16. Was I on this list? I’m a fucking piece of shit that loves the sound of his own voice, and the only sports writer that has had a threesome with .300 Monty. I hope my corpse is found underneath a horse covered in stallion jazz.

  17. The only guy who has worse suits than Martinez is Ray Didinger. I think his ties are the same ones he used to wear to his cub scout banquets.

  18. jesus christ she has hit the wall. on the other hand ray diddnger is a fucking bore. id still lick fadools asshole, she she wins.

  19. I am not sure if anyone has asked this yet, but why wasn’t Kacie McDonnell in this contest? She certainly has had more interaction with athletes than Angelo, right?

    1. Please see response above, because I really don’t feel like typing it again.

      Unless this was sarcasm….then..nevermind.

      Linda Cohn is so special…

      1. If my name didn’t make it obvious then I feel sorry for you. Btw, for the commenter below me…Fadool’s tits are engorged with milk right now, so they’re huge and deliciously nutritious.

  20. Why is everyone commenting on Fadool’s tits? They aren’t very big. What am I missing?

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