Very excited about this announcement. I think it’s really the next step in Crossing Broad’s growth. All the details are in the video, but I want to introduce you to our new Mid-Atlantic correspondent, Ryan Petzar:

Voila_Capture 2014-04-01_08-53-38_AM

Ryan used to write for The Fightins and, once upon a time, hated me. But we’ve since mended our broken fences and are moving forward on this journey together. He’s a Phillies die-hard, but grew up an Orioles fan and generally prefers D.C.-Baltimore metro area sports over Philly sports (“because they win,” he says). Please follow him on Twitter (@petzrawr). The wr at the end of his handle actually stands for Washington Redskins, so it’s a good fit.

That’s it. We’re very excited about this. As I say in the video, nothing will change on the site. We’re just going to be adding great Mid-Atlantic content in the same snarky and passionate voice you’ve come to love. It’s truly the next step in our growth. So thank you for your continued support of– Philly’s, and the Mid-Atlantic’s, most irreverent sports blog.