So, the Eagles are Pretty Awesome

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Photo: Eagles

Certain younger Eagles might be the most likable group of athletes in the city right now. Combined with the team’s newfound social media efforts to actually embrace other local teams – a long way from its apparent attitude during the Banner and Reid years – guys like Jason Kelce, Connor Barwin, Brent Celek and even Riley Cooper are making it even easier to root for the Birds. Just normal dudes, doing dude things.

Last night, Cooper and Kelce were at Xfinity Live! watching the Flyers game like everymen:

Voila_Capture 2014-04-18_09-36-48_AM Voila_Capture 2014-04-18_09-36-48_AM2

This after the Eagles tweeted the picture of the group wearing Flyers jerseys and a video of them chanting “let’s go Flyers.”

And then there’s Barwin and Kelce playing poolside beer pong in cutoff customized Phillies Jerseys:

Voila_Capture 2014-04-18_09-30-11_AM
pic via Barwin’s Instagram

And Kelce in an OD shirt. And Cooper, Celek and Kelce at McFadden’s.

Good luck finding any Phillies just chilling at the bar.


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  1. I’ll fight every guy wearing sunglasses pushed up on his head inside at night here, bro.

  2. Kacie might have some black in her since she used all her vacation/sick etc by May

    1. She has to be taking no pay leave by now. No way a person in that line of work gets that much time off

  3. I was hanging out at XFinity (i ate crab fries and wings ) and saw wh*te cooper and Kelce. I heard Cooper was going to get a lady of the night to celebrate if flyers won. Looks like he went home alone last night 🙁

  4. The 5th guy in that picture is Brian Braman, in case you were wondering.

  5. “Good luck finding any Phillies just chilling at the bar.”

    That’s because AARP members don’t normally frequent bars with 20-somethings.

      1. And if they were chilling at the bar, then I’m sure we’d be getting the standard “They should be in the batting cages instead of having interests outside of their profession” commentary

  6. Sean Brace would never wear a Cooper jersey. However, has both a Simmonds and Emery jersey.

  7. I would love to see Cooper knock mike miss & brace the fuck out.
    GnA Style

  8. How soon we forget those pics of Cliff and Ryan bar-hopping and taking pics with fans… Face it, they’re just the flavor of the month for Kyle. Next month Kelce will be a prick and Rollins will be rockin a Giroux jersey…

  9. So Riley is testing the “out drinking and tweeting” waters. Remember Riley, someone always has you in their camera sights when you are out in public, waiting for you to slip up again.

    1. @Maxie- Let the man enjoy a night out & possibly get his dick sucked at night end. We all make drunken mistake you pusssy

  10. Everybody on the Phils are married and got kids and shit….IDIOTS
    Flyers are out banging broads cus they are all young and single and don’t give a shit…Genius
    Eagles (the 5 white guys pictures above) like to drink, do blow, and hump chicks (no rubs), yell n words and shit
    Sixers…nobody recognizes any of them guys who gives a shit

  11. Victorino would always pull the “don’t you know who I am” to all our bartenders/hostesses after the games. Pretty sure he banged half of our staff in his car while he was here

  12. The Eagles are racist because 5 white players wore Flyers Jerseys, and Hockey is a racist almost all white sport…you do the math

  13. Wow Kelce found a way to get attention. “This surprises me” said no one ever. Can we all agree every single “unnamed source” trashing Jackson was this overrated attention whore? Did he bully any fans into taking their signs down while he was out and about?

  14. I hope someone tells Cooper his hairdo makes him look like even more of a douchebag than he already is. Preferably a large African American who follows it up with a well deserved fist to Cooper’s racist head.

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