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Photo: Eagles

Certain younger Eagles might be the most likable group of athletes in the city right now. Combined with the team’s newfound social media efforts to actually embrace other local teams – a long way from its apparent attitude during the Banner and Reid years – guys like Jason Kelce, Connor Barwin, Brent Celek and even Riley Cooper are making it even easier to root for the Birds. Just normal dudes, doing dude things.

Last night, Cooper and Kelce were at Xfinity Live! watching the Flyers game like everymen:

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This after the Eagles tweeted the picture of the group wearing Flyers jerseys and a video of them chanting “let’s go Flyers.”

And then there’s Barwin and Kelce playing poolside beer pong in cutoff customized Phillies Jerseys:

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pic via Barwin’s Instagram

And Kelce in an OD shirt. And Cooper, Celek and Kelce at McFadden’s.

Good luck finding any Phillies just chilling at the bar.