A very disturbing video portraying voter fraud of certain matchups in the Philly Sports Media Field of 64 was posted yesterday in the comments.

A commenter, Friendly Hacker, posted the video (which pictures Mike Missanelli as a woman) shortly after the winner, Ray Didinger, was announced. In it, we see massive click fraud by way of an automated program that seemingly fixed the outcomes of the Missanelli-Harry Mayes and Sheil Kapadia-Jim Salisbury Regional Finals. It is unclear whether other matchups were affected by Friendly Hacker. 

The committee has no reason to believe that Didinger’s victory is in any way tainted. He sailed through every round, in each receiving a large yet reasonable number of votes. But upon further inspection, there were late voter spikes in the matchups which Friendly Hacker claims to have impacted.

The committee has issued the following statement in regard to the matter:

Joe Paterno is no longer the head football coach This guy needs to get a life.

A short but terse statement from the committee, which is looking into the matter and will review possible adjustments for next year.

And, um, yeah, I’m terrified. But I thank the hacker for his page views and the incremental revenue.