The Flyers are Wearing Drake-Inspired Playoff T-Shirts

Well, I suppose this is better than becoming a Mac Miller fan. The Flyers are wearing started from the bottom now we’re here* t-shirts.

The sleeve says Disciple. Desire. Dedication.

Lots of gimmicks. Now we just need a win or two…

*There’s a 0% chance that any beat writers other than Seravalli, Dave Isaac and Sarah Baicker know what the hell that means. I can just picture Sam Carchidi asking, “Now you’re where? And do you think that’s a concern moving forward?”


14 Responses

  1. One fond memory I have of the Lindros era was that those teams were not wiggers

  2. Kyle, these t-shirts would make great t-shirts. You could have them say ‘Started from the bottom, now we’re here’. Copyright infringment shouldn’t be an issue, you always find a way around that. Three cheers for profiting off of other people’s work!

  3. Good luck to our hometown Flyers and breaking NBA draft news:Jabari Parker has declared for the NBA draft.


  4. That road kill t-shirts chick with the huge cans in the add creeps me the fuck out…she needs a bag for her face.

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