Yeah that probably went in

Yeah that probably went in

Never been a big proponent of sports celebrity cruises, usually because they feature anything but celebrities and more like B- and C-list players from non-playoff teams. The problem with these high seas adventures*, and what is starting to happen with the Phillies Phantasy Camp, is that we’re entering an era where recently retired players are really rich. Guys who played in the 90s and even oughts are retiring, and most of them made millions or tens of millions.** They have no interest in a few grand and a vacation with a bunch of overzealous autograph seekers. So teams are kind of stuck with… the others, which is why you get this lineup on the Flyers Celebrity Cruise to Bermuda this August:

Fans can sail with featured Flyers alums Joe Watson, Terry Carkner, Larry Goodenough, Todd Fedoruk, Brian Boucher and Robert Esche, as well as the team’s radio play-by-play broadcaster, Tim Saunders.

Oh boy! Sounds like a blast.

Esche may become the first person in history to survive the Bermuda Triangle because it snuck through his five-hole.

But if you’re interested… here.

*Credit to the Phillies, who actually managed to get Domonic Brown to go this winter. Probably with the promise of copious amounts of poon.

**Unrelated to anything in this post– did you know that Jamie Moyer earned an estimated $83 million over the course of his career, most of it coming since 2000? All that money and he chose to sit next to Tom McCarthy 100 times a year for maybe a couple hundred thousand smackadoos. Mind-boggling. Go to a beach. Bone.