The Flyers’ Game 3 T-Shirt

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pic via the Flyers

Not bad. I’ve got to admit, I don’t hate the #ClutchTime hashtag. It… actually fits the team. But might I recommend a Wolf of Broad Street shirt, also orange, for all your crushing needs?

Good man, Keys.


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  1. I am sure they will all be XL, as usual. Gotta support the fat f*cks of Philly! Meanwhile, I get a new tent, because I am actually in shape. #fitnessstruggles

    1. I know girls love wearing the same size clothes as their man. Try picking up a weight every once in a while, pussy.

    2. Any man who brags about wearing a small t-shirt and being in shape is a pussy. Picked on as a scrawny kid?

        1. The reason you can see your feet is because your eyes are so close to them you short fuck. Go back to the jockey house and keep buying from GAP kids. Shrimpin ain’t easy

    3. Tsss tssss yea a new tent! Like what are ya goin campin or sumptin? Tssss tssss

  2. Must not be that fit if you aren’t wearing at least a large jackoff. Pick up some weights every now and then.

  3. A grown man who can’t look semi-normal in an XL shirt? Or at least find a use for it? (i.e. gym shirt?) Do you even lift, brah?

    Seriously though, will they be giving shirts out at Game 4 as well? I went to the Flyers vs. Devils series in 2010 and they gave out a fucking bandana…weak.

  4. The incessant shameless promotion of your stupid shirts is getting really old. Yes, you sell shirts. Do you have to remind us with every damn post? Enough. And that Wolf of Broad St. shirt if f’ing stupid.

    1. +1 – not to mention the fact that the person on the shirt has become so overrated that he is now unlikeable. at first, he was a nice defensive specialist. Now hes “the best player on the ice in this series” which is the stupidest thing ever since no one showed up in game 1. Just like how Emery is “the hot goalie” right now. really? he’s had 1 good game and 1 bad one, it’s like the stepfords can only remember 1 day at a time. Meanwhile, they obsess over “coots” who was a plus 1 this year and had 39 points. but yeah, he should get his own Tshirt

    2. Dude nobody is putting a gun to your head,kick rocks and bitch & moan on another blogsite.

    3. 1. I like Coturiier. Keep in mind the dude is only 20 years old. He’ll be a stud when he’s 25.

      2. “Please leave” is probably Kyle commenting under a fake name. Dude, he took an article about the Flyers’ giveaway shirts and used it as ANOTHER opportunity to hock his lame ass Wolf of Broad Street shirt. That’s weak. The surveys are bad enough but a necessary evil to keep the site free. The non-stop shirt ads are over the top and annoying.

      1. NOT a necessary evil. Every other site in the world is free and they do not have those stupid surveys. They exist so that Kyle can ‘earn’ $0.000000002 every time someone answers.

  5. #ClutchTime does not fit the team! It’s been almost 40 years since they’ve been clutch! It’s awful! It’s almost as awful as my acting! Except in Beethoven! I was exceptional in Beethoven!

    1. You can’t just trash something to trash it. I’d consider coming back the way they did this year clutch. If also argue “ClutchTime” is saying they need to be clutch, it’s time to be clutch, not that they are clutch.

      And I’d also argue the comeback against the bruins was clutch, can’t say this team hasn’t been clutch in 40 years

  6. I got horses to race and foot races to run! I can’t be fat like all you diabetic queers. I am sure breathing heavy walking up steps is fun and all- but not for me. Ill stick to my mediums and running marathons.

    And “Please stop”- This isnt a Kyle shirt. It’s a Flyers Playoff game shirt.

    1. I run marathons, can see my feet, don’t get winded running up steps, and fit comfortably into a XL t shirt… what is it that I suffer from there mr horse expert?? oh yeah now I remember.. good genes!

      Go back in your lil hobbit hole and don’t bitch about the size of a free t shirt.

      1. I am like 5’7, but I am totes cute. No worries XL- I am just that little guy ahead of you at those runs. Don’t be mad about it. Want to hug it out?

        1. How bout you mouth-hug my horsecock. If I knew grown men built like you existed back then, I wouldn’t be typing this from State Penn, now git on ur knees and smile like a donut

  7. The G shirt is the greatest t-shirt in the history of Crossing Broad shirts.

    I just can’t bring myself to spend over $30 on a t-shirt. (When you add in tax & shipping, it comes to well over $30.)

    That being said, it’s an awesome shirt.

  8. When is the Riley Cooper, I will fight every nagger in here shirt coming out? There’s gotta be a way to capitalize further from this video you purchased. Maybe on a sleeveless flannel shirt? I better be careful, I may have a column written about me now stalking down my ip address? This site is lamer than #clutchtime. When is the last really well written article with original material, written on here? Probably have to go back to the days of Richards and Carter. My twitter feed regurgitated with a try to be funny post, and usually making fun of local writers (real journalists). Daily readers here are idiots and racists. This page does nothing to help the image you all claimto hate.

  9. After last night’s turd, what will the game four shirt say, “Pray For A Miracle”?

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