Voila_Capture 2014-04-30_01-40-17_PMHard to make fun of the Mets right now since there were about eight people at the Phillies game last night. But not even the Phils’ terrible social media guy is this lame.

Today, the Mets had players from their 1969 and 1986 teams sign a letter, which they undoubtedly didn’t write, encouraging Mets fans to root, root, root for the home team:

To True New Yorkers –

The victory you earn is sweeter than the victory you’re given.

When we won in ’69 and ’86, we, the players, didn’t do it on our own. We made history together — players and fans — through a gritty, even stubborn, belief in this club against all the odds.

When we’ve won, we’ve proved through the way we did it that true New Yorkers are Mets fans.

So today we’re issuing a call to all Mets fans: Show your New York Mets pride — stand up and say you’re a true New Yorker.

As players, we can tell you that what happens in the clubhouse and what happens in the stands — players and fans together, believing in each other — makes a tremendous difference with what happens on the field.

Your support matters; we wouldn’t have won without you. So we’re calling on you to give today’s club the same chance we had.

If you agree that the fans have a role to play in making amazing things happen, add your name to this letter:


One fan — maybe you — will present the signatures on this letter and the messages from fans to the team, before the Mets’ first Subway Series game at Citi Field. If you add your name, it could be you.

We’ll see you there. Let’s Go Mets!

— Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling, Cleon Jones, Ed Charles, Jerry Koosman, and Doc Gooden

Yes, because it’s the true New Yorkers who need to be reminded of their fandom via mass email.

H/T to reader Dan