Because the Redskins’ PR team is just fabulous, they forced reporters – Washington reporters – to identify themselves before asking questions in a conference call today and, apparently, barred the Philly media from asking anything:

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Can’t really blame Jeff and Les for being upset here, but, really, what’s to stop one of them from just chiming in with a question? Were they muted? Maybe.

Anyway, having heard the audio, the DC media did a nice job of bending over and sticking their asses in the air for ya boi. A bunch of softball questions were hurled at DeSean with nary a mention (or pushback) about why he was released from the Eagles. At the end, DeSean took a moment to mention his charity, The DeSean Jackson Foundation, which was started to raise awareness and money for the fight against pancreatic cancer, which claimed the life of his father. DeSean’s foundation has never donated any money to cancer research, according to its tax filings.

Watch DeSean speak to Redskins Spadaro here.

In that interview he said: “[Seeing how Redskins fans are], them fans are kind of crazy. I mean, Philadelphia is a little crazy, too. But here, I feel them embracing me a little more.”