Jeremy Roenick joined Anthony Gargano and Rob Ellis on WIP today and recounted a story about the time Craig Berube, then a Phantoms player-coach, walked into the Flyers’ locker room and punched him in the face.

Roenick had sucker punched Berube earlier in their careers and, as Roenick puts it, Berube chased him around for two or three years, but was never able to get back at him. So, some years later (2003-2004-ish), once Roenick was a Flyer, Berube was able to exact revenge, somewhat unexpectedly:

The Phantoms’ and the Flyers’ locker rooms are connected together, and Chief obviously feels very comfortable because he’s been a part of the Flyers’ organization for such a long time. So he comes into the Flyers locker room where I’m getting ready and just hanging out in the locker room. He walks in, I’m like, “Hey Chief, what’s going on?” He’s like, “Hey JR, what’s going on?” BOOM! Just slugs me. Just cracks me, right? And I kind of went down onto one knee and I kind of got up, and he’s like, “I told you I’d get you.” And believe it or not we played golf later that day… with me, Boucher, Tocchet and Chief.


Audio here.