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As you may have heard, Glen Macnow is a part-owner of the new Conshohocken Brewing Co., which opened last week and held a VIP soft opening two weekends ago. Not a bad side project for Macnow, who is no longer on the WIP Afternoon show.

Though I wasn’t able to attend the opening a couple of weeks ago, I’ve heard nothing but great things from those who did. This isn’t a half-assed “brew pub” that serves one or two original brews and a bunch of Goose Island. Macnow and the other owners brought on Andrew Horne, who started at Yards and later ran Avery Brewing in Colorado, to be their brewmaster. Horne won a bronze medal in the Great American Beerfest for his ESB.

There’s a tap room, where you’ll regularly find 7-10 original beers. The ESB and IPA are getting particularly strong reviews early on. Joe Sixpack, beer critic for the Daily News, wrote that Conshohocken’s Cascadian Ale was the best beer he’s had in a while.

The menu, for now, is light, with a selection of sandwiches, chili and flatbread pizza, but Macnow tells me that the plan is to expand it. He also says that the goal is to have Conshohocken brews in local pubs sooner rather than later, though he didn’t get into specifics. He was, however, sure to point out that Conshy Brewing Co. does have large TVs that will show Phillies, Flyers, Sixers and Eagles games.

If you’re interested, it’s at 739 East Elm St. in Conshohocken. The website is And of course you can always follow them on Facebook and Twitter (@conshybrewing).

Full disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post. I just like good beer. Though perhaps if enough of you go there and reference CB, maybe I can talk them into advertising here… because after all, our 20 and 30-something working professional demo is just perfect for this sort of thing!

But for real, go check it out. I really have heard that the beer is excellent.

UPDATE: Mini review.

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I took Glen up on his offer of FREE BEER last night and headed over to the new place, which is buried deep on Elm Street in Conshohocken (deeper than I knew existed and that’s what she said). It was packed, which has apparently been the case since it opened last week. [But not so jammed that you couldn’t move.] I met up with Glen, CB contributor Ryan Gillon and Kevin Matuszak from the podcast. I can confirm that the IPA and ESB, both of which came recommended, are quite good. Both were smooth and went down easy, and neither had a strong kick or aftertaste the way, say, a Troegs IPA punches you in the genitals after you’re done sipping it. There were about eight beers on the chalkboard and maybe six menu items (they’re adding more) ranging from a Bavarian pretzel to chili, the latter of which I ordered. It was fantastic. Meaty but not too thick (…), and plenty spicy. I grabbed a growler of Conshy’s Spring Ale, too, and it will serve as my Masters brew this afternoon.

Conshohocken Brewery is certainly more brewery than “brew pub.” More Victory in Downington than Iron Hill anywhere. It’s 80% brewery and 20% pub, but the pub part, which has an open-air deck that connects to the Schuylkill River bike trail (hence the bike in Conshy’s logo), is going to be a smashing success. The only problem, which might be a good one to have, is that the pub area is on the small side. The smell of fresh brewed beer, which is unmistakable outside CB (hey, we share initials), may beckon more patrons than the space can handle. But again, good problem. Good beer brews good problems.™