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I tried to write the hackiest Easter headline possible, and I think that was it.

Anyway, huge win. I feel more relief than excitement. Down 2-0, I just wanted to see them get the F out of there with a win or, as Claude Giroux called it, two points. Whatever works. If Claude says it’s two points, it’s two points, God dammit.


I have been on ferries that made their way across the Hudson faster than Emery made his way to the left post on those first two goals. The first one wasn’t really stoppable, the second one was. Reader Kevin has the jokes:

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Nice. After that Emery played great. Not well. Great. He made a couple of huge saves to bail the Flyers out, including one when Andrew MacDonald made a boneheaded turnover at the Rangers’ blue line during an ill-advised penalty kill decision.

Now we have a goalie discussion, and I think this should be the answer: If Steve Mason is 100% healthy, then he plays. That’s a huge if, though. By all accounts, he was somewhere around 70% in practice on Saturday. Goalie isn’t a position you just hop back into, either. His timing needs to come back and I’m not sure one more full practice is enough to do that. So Emery should probably get the start. But if Mason is healthy, or when he’s healthy, the job’s his. He played too well all season to Wally Pipp (v.) him in favor of Emery. Playing the hot hand has been what the Flyers have done for two decades in the playoffs. No more. When Mason’s healthy, he plays.


Is there a human being alive who would’ve been more relieved to contribute and score a big goal? It was like when Smalls lost the Babe Ruth baseball and then traded it after it was all chewed up for a ball signed by the entire 1927 Yankees team in The Sandlot. Sure, he may have screwed up big time, but boy did he redeem himself. I can only assume that this series ends with Benny The Jet stealing home. And yes, I know that doesn’t make any sense. Just go with it. But for real, why wasn’t Akeson playing all season if he’s such an offensive force? I’m confused.

Orange and Blackbeard™ Line

Finally G, Hartnell and Jake get on the board with Voracek’s goal. Also enjoy reader Nick’s Barry (F’n!) Gibb comparison:

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I mean, look at this thing:

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I am honestly all for G choking McDonagh. At the very least, I like the symbolism:

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pic via (@hollywoodhrtman)

Andrew MacDonald, hockey player

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Season tickets

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Did you know you can guarantee access to all playoff games by calling?

Too cute

At least twice that I counted the Flyers got way too cute in the neutral zone. The first time was the aforementioned play by MacDonald following an overly conservative decision to forgo a scoring chance on the penalty kill. They played the puck backwards to MacDonald, who blindly turned it over at the blue line. Another time, someone – I can’t remember who – got careless on a would-be dump-in attempt and played it right to a Rangers defenseman, who was ready to go the other way. Neither play resulted in a goal, but that sort of thing is dangerous. Dump hard or don’t dump at all, is what I say. 


I’m going on Tuesday. Pumped. The building will be rocking. In Henrik’s head all night. Tuesday is a G game.