Troy Vincent, speaking at a roundtable discussion with league officials and the AP in New York last night, told Les Bowen that he played with half a dozen openly gay teammates, some of which were Eagles:

Troy Vincent yesterday reiterated remarks the NFL executive vice president of football operations originally made last month, saying that during his 15-year career as a defensive back, eight of which were spent with the Eagles, Vincent played with half a dozen openly gay teammates.

After yesterday’s roundtable discussion in New York between NFL officials and members of the Associated Press Sports Editors, Vincent told the Daily News some of those players were Eagles. He did not elaborate.

At this point we shouldn’t consider anyone being gay a big deal, but with football culture being what it is, anytime for the foreseeable future someone speaks out and says that they’re gay or played with openly gay teammates, it will be a topic of discussion. All Vincent did was cause a bunch of people to Google the Eagles’ 2003 roster.