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Photo credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s start off with a positive– the only one from Game 1.

The Flyers’ first goal was a thing of beauty and it was exactly how Craig Berube drew it up. Here’s what Frank Seravalli wrote in the Dailly News yesterday, describing Chief’s intended ritual. I’ve accompanied the quote with screenshots:

In one word, Berube described the style he wants Claude Giroux, Voracek and Scott Hartnell to play against McDonagh as “unfulfilling.” Unless they have a clear break to carry it in the offensive zone, Berube has instructed his players to dump the puck in New York’s end…

Voila_Capture 2014-04-18_08-12-06_AM

particularly in McDonagh’s direction…

Voila_Capture 2014-04-18_08-12-35_AM

to see whether they can pin the should-be Norris Trophy candidate behind his net…

Voila_Capture 2014-04-18_08-13-13_AM

and create scoring opportunities that way.

Voila_Capture 2014-04-18_08-13-45_AM Voila_Capture 2014-04-18_08-14-04_AM

Beautiful, Craig. Now, about the rest of the game.

I know we all want to Akes Jason a question. Why, rookie, did you two-hand Carl Hagelin in the face and take a four-minute double-minor that effectively cost your team the game? But as much as we’d like to blame Jason Akeson for that play, we can’t. I’ve watched it 20 times now and there’s just no way you can really find fault with what he did. He was actually back-checking really well on the play. He caught up to Hagelin in the neutral zone and tried to remove him from the puck. It didn’t work. Too much intensity, too little size. But Akeson played a good game. Though I don’t think he played as well as everyone – on the broadcast, post-game show and Twitter – was giving him credit for. He stood out because we were paying attention and because he looked like he belonged. Good for him, but you should look like you belong in a playoff game. It’s maddening that the Flyers went out and acquired Steve Downie during the season to add some firepower and then scratched him in a playoff game in favor of a guy who had never been to New York. That’s right, this was Akeson’s first time in New York City. “Skyscraper after skyscraper,” he told reporters. Golly gee. He automatically flunks one of my character tests: never trust an adult who’s never been to New York. It’s… weird. Especially for a professional athlete. Sometimes you just have to go to New York by accident. Sometimes you have a connecting flight in Newark and take the train over for a few hours. Sometimes you’re Kevin McAllister and your family is in Florida and you’re in New York. Shit happens. But it’s weird that you’ve never been to Manhattan, Jason.

Voila_Capture 2014-04-18_08-27-45_AM

Now he’s playing in a playoff game at Madison Square Garden. What could go wrong? Well, he could let emotions get the best of him and lose control. It’s… exactly the sort of thing you worry about when a guy is playing in his first meaningful game ever. And that’s what happened. It’s not Akeson’s fault– he played fine. But why, if you think you might use a guy on the power play in the playoffs, wouldn’t you give him more burn during the season? Why didn’t you take him to New York and show him Times Square? It doesn’t make much sense.

As for the rest of the game: The Flyers were fine up until the penalty. They were getting outplayed by the Rangers, but, like Berube wanted, they were being patient. The Rangers’ shots were coming mostly from the outside. The Flyers had chances, too. It was a winnable game. They could’ve stolen Game 1. But it was over once the Rangers took the lead. The Flyers completely fell apart. Not a great effort overall, but a horrible third period. They have to win on Sunday.


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  1. Power Play makes the difference
    & great game by the rangers. lol at flyers to only having15 shots.


  2. I’m sure our awesome captain was daydreaming on what Broadway show to see n who’s cock to suck

  3. I don’t know what Akeson you were watching; two plays that stood out were the hestitation wrist shot on an open net in the 1st to get blocked, followed by the neverending windup for a slapshot in the 2nd. Dude was skating around like a chicken with its head cut off.

    1. He was watching, and talking about, Jason Akeson. Did you even bother to read the damn thing?

  4. seriously? They were playing “patient”?! Its 1-1 heading into the 3rd period in a road playoff game and the flyers mustered ONE FUCKING SHOT for the entire period. ONE!! That’s not playing patient. That’s getting utterly outplayed in every facet of the game. Kyle, you’re starting to sound like those retarded type OB fans you’ve mocked all season. I can’t stand the people who pull the orange and black blinders over their eyes. nineteen seventy five.

    1. Love how all these idiots like mike miss & frank servalli actually thought the flyers would win this series. What the fuck were they watching the last 3 years

  5. Downie is cooked, dude has off ice issues. Akeson and the coots line dominated posession when they were out there and generated most of the offense. The difference between these two teams is the D. The Rangers have the guys to chip in offensively/play a tight gap and the Flyers don’t. Unless the Flyers can find away to back off the Rangers D they are cooked. If there’s no adjustment in game 2 and the game unfolds the same way they’re done, they may win a couple games at home where they get last change but ultimately, done. We shall see what berube’s got.

    1. Face off, dump and chase, defending, defending, defending, dump and chase, goal. Face off, defending, defending, goal. Face off, defending, dump and chase. End of period. Face off, defending, defending, defending, defending, defending, defending , defending, defending, defending. End of period. Face off, typical dumb penalty that the Flyers ALWAYS give in to late in a tight game, defending, face off, goal, another dumb penalty by g, defending, goal, face off, defending, defending goal. End of game. Torturous. I was hoping for more. Should have shit in my hand, woulda gotten that first.

  6. The Flyers just can’t beat the Rangers. It is maddening. On paper the matchups look even, but the Rangers are just a really bad matchup for the Flyers, and the Flyers know it. When they play the Pens, the Flyers know they can skate with them and score on them and win. When they play the Rangers, the Flyers know they struggle and will have little tine and space and won’t score much. It is totally mental at this point. The Flyers look defeated as soon as they get down a goal against the Rangers. The Flyers beat the Pens, the Pens beat the Rangers, and the Rangers beat the Flyers.

  7. I almost feel bad for the lowlife flyers fans they have zero chance against the nyr. Bad matchup.


    1. I would knock you out on campus today, but unfortunately today’s society allows for faggotry to flaunt it’s fairy face.

      1. Typical white trash flyers fan always looking to fight when they know their team is beat


        1. This has nothing to do with hockey, this is just you being a huge fag and deserving to get your face punched.

          1. Catch a damned pass is a latent homosexual, whose pent-up frustration with his flyboys causes him to lash out like an internet tough guy says:

            Don’t be mad because your team sucks. You should be used to it by now.

            At least the Flyers have won more recently than Toronto, so you have that to hold on to.

            1975 – hahahahahahahahahaha!

  8. I’m that fan who throws my captain and everyone else under the bus only after 1 game.

    Look at me, I am afraid to be wrong so I talk up the team favored so I dont’ embarrass myself often. I’m the worst kind of fan.

    Well, not a Penguins fan, but still, a pretty bad fan.

    1. What’s your definition of a Philly sports fan who could care less about the Flyers because Ed Snider is a fucking moron who has tried to lead us back in time like Marty McFly for 40 years instead of adjusting to the modern game? Because that’s me.

      1. You’re the same kinda fan, just worried about being right. “see i told you so”. Does your never ending ranting about the owner serve any other purpose?

        1. Yeah I’m worried about being right. Maybe I’m worried that the “culture” is what’s preventing us from seriously contending decade after decade? Let me guess, Andy Reid wasn’t the problem with the Eagles as far as you were concerned, right? Get a clue.

          1. They lose the first game of a seven game series and you comment that if the flyers owner would die they’d win a cup. I’d say you are… not much of a fan anymore, delusional, worried about being right and a pussy who needs to grow a pair of balls. Just buy a Pen’s jersey and move along like the other pussies before you.

  9. You guys should see this “Penguins Fan that goes to Temple” kid. He’s a scrawny little bitch that looks like McLovin. A real fag.

  10. I made turds on DGunn’s leg because he turns into Cheese from The Wire when he thinks he’s alone with only black athletes.

  11. The whole Akeson thing is just strange…what in the hell were they thinking…”Let’s throw our rookie out there, a guy who’s only played in 1 NHL game this year, and give him 13 minutes of ice time for game 1 in NY. He’ll be our secret weapon and we’ll look like geniuses!”…FAIL. Meanwhile, Lecavalier gets 7 minutes of ice time.

    1. To be honest I was thinking about my career 3149 penalty minutes and about my nickname “Chief” and how that’s like nicknaming a black coach “Slave” and my new boat.

    2. Its game one. They’ll adjust. The weird thing for me is their record with Downie in the lineup is so good. Whats going on with him off the ice that he’s so “cooked”?

      1. I thought their record was good with Rinaldo? Now its Downie? Hey, lets get a whole team of goons and see what happens. They will adjust? Because Berube is a good coach with playoff experience?

  12. Flyers should have just stayed in Philly and said they would just spot the Rangers the 2-0 series lead and pick it up for game 3 Tuesday night. Would have been much better than making us watch that garbage last night and presumably on Sunday.

  13. According to Clement during the broadcast, Couturier couldn’t have played a better game (yet he finished -1 with 0 shots). Sometimes these guys are just painful to listen to when they verbally fellatiate our players…and why are they always so eager to anoint any new guy as a surefire future all-star and our savior?…Coatsey is the worst at this. Calm down boys and act like professionals not delusional fans…how long have you been around this game?

    1. They’re paid by Comcast – what do you expect them to say? The truth? They want to keep their jobs.

      1. Oh yeah, I forgot that the almighty Comcast controls everything. Go watch the Sharks, Kings, or Rangers announcers…they don’t act like complete fanboys and are known to be some of the most unbiased broadcasters in hockey.

        1. Comcast and Ed Snider control their paychecks. These guys aren’t independent. Please show me any ex-Flyers or Flyers announcers that have ever criticized the Flyers and what happened to them. Does Lindros come to mind? How many of those other teams are owned by the same company that not only broadcasts their games but is the owner of the company that has the national TV rights to the entire leagues’ games? I’ll answer that for ya – none. Wake up, toast is burning.

    2. The broadcasters are all puppets controlled by Comcast and the Flyers, just like the koolade-drinking lemmings from shitholes like Delco, Bristol, and Kensington that post here with their “Flyers are better than the Penguins, so youse all can suck a dick” mentality.

      Losers! Perennial losers!

    3. Because he had a really nice game backchecking and forechecking. Couturier created a couple of the very few scoring chances they had. His line (24-14-42) was the only one that played with any energy.

  14. Glad we got rid of Talbot for Downie now. This team is outmatched. They were incredibly lucky to still be in it before that 4min PP the way they were getting beat in every other way. The Rangers constantly controlled the puck and the pace. I’ve been saying all along that they have no shot in this series. They may as well get swept the way they rolled over last night. Pathetic.

    At least we can look forward to yet another year of a “meh” team that slips into the playoffs and gets bounced in the first round next season.

    1. That’s the Flyers for you. They talk big, but roll over when it counts. Just like the moronic kool-ade drinkers.

  15. Maybe our players should have been focusing on the game and what they need to do instead of dying their ginger beards black. Next thing you know they will be getting stupid haircuts before a game too like that idiot Samuel Dalembert did for that other team in the city that shouldn’t exist.

  16. Reading these comments makes me wish that modern medicine or human sympathy for the retarded didn’t exist allowing for natural selection to be in full effect so your gene pools can no longer produce humans.

    1. “Human sympathy for the retarded didn’t exist…” That is fucking priceless!

  17. “He automatically flunks one of my character tests: never trust an adult who’s never been to New York.” Kind of weird for a pro athlete, yes, but the kid is 23…This is one of the DUMBEST statements I’ve ever read by a human. No more reading after that was necessary.

  18. Quit making excuses for the kid. I like giving kids a shot as much as anyone, but he did cost them the game. It was 1-1 in the middle of the 3rd. Keep your stick down.

  19. Tye Mcginn should have been in instead. Kids got a knack for scoring big goals.. Bad move by Chief

  20. Look at all these putzes trying to make themselves feel better by insulting commenters that dare talk trash about their beloved Flyers (you know, the team that hasn’t won since NINETEEN SEVENTY-FIVE).

    Mental midgets: All your impotent blathering still doesn’t change the fact that the Flyers suck, and will not win as long as that old man insists on living in the past!

    1. Hey guys, he used the word “impotent.” Google is cool isn’t it ya yinzer?

      1. “Yinzer” with a Stanley Cup > Flyers fan living vicariously through the success of the Rangers and Devils.

          1. And their cup was way more recent than the Flyers’ cup. In any other corner of the universe, that makes the Rangers more relevant than the Flyers. But old man Snider has you lemmings brainwashed to the point where you think you actually have something to be proud of!

          2. By that reasoning, the Carolina Hurricanes are more relevant than ten of the teams currently in the Playoffs. You’re an idiot.

          3. Admit it “Ted Danson”, the Flyers blow. When you defend the Flyers, you’re only exposing yourself as one of Old Man Snider’s good little minions, that will think whatever he tells you to think.

            Since you are so good at taking directions, now respond to this comment with some orange-colored bluster, where you look the fool defending these Broad Street Blowhards.

            Dance minion, dance!

  21. Plenty of 23 year olds have never been to New York, Kyle. You unmitigated douche. Especially 23 year olds from Ottawa.

  22. Back in the Stone Age when the Flyers won their Cups, there was the WHA, an upstart leaque that had taken away all the Flyer’s nemises. Also, it got Bernie back who Snider traded away.

  23. The Flyers need a complete housecleaning from the top down. Comcast should fire Snider, and replace him with someone who isn’t living in the 1970s. While they are at it, change the logo and jersey colors too. (Maybe something blue or red.)

  24. For game 4 in Philly, the fat lady will sing (God Bless America) and it will all be over.

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