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I don’t know how I missed this from Filip Bondy of the NY Daily News on Wednesday, but seriously, F this guy:

They’re just plain mean in Philly. Flyer Mean. Before Game 3 even started on Tuesday night, the scoreboard at Wells Fargo Center featured a Photoshopped baby dressed in a Flyers jersey punching another baby in a Ranger jersey, in the face. Or maybe it wasn’t Photoshopped. Who knows? And that was right after the Flyers showed a bunch of clips of Dave Schultz beating up the world.

You can’t really blame them. These poor losers have won a grand total of one title in four major sports over the last 30 years. And the hurt just keeps coming. Again on Tuesday night, Philly received yet another figurative punch in the face during a 4-1 defeat to the Rangers, when it lost a one-sided battle of goalies.

They beat the Flyers, beat the hostile crowd. “They thrive on it,” Vigneault said about his players, on the road.

You can only punch babies so many times. Then you need to find a goalie to stop some shots.

I now want the Flyers to win Game 4, perhaps only so this guy goes home sad.

H/T to reader Mike