Dan Carcillo Plays for the Rangers Tonight, Here’s My Favorite Car Bomb Moment

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 2.09.51 PM

This post originally appeared on the site on May 13, 2011, the day after Dan Carcillo manually stimulated what turned out to be a CB reader in an Atlantic City hotel room. I was told, at the time, that “her dad would be proud” because she denied Carcillo sex… and instead settled for a stand-up triple. 


When Dan Carcillo (@og_carbomb13) Tweets to fellow NHLer Paul Bissonnette, good things are bound to happen.

Car Bomb quickly disarmed and removed the Tweet.

Just another day inside the head of Dan Carcillo, folks.

H/T to (@downgoesspezza) and (@mandy10) for the screen grab


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  1. if i ever have a daughter and shes getting with a flyer i will be very proud hahah

  2. OK that was his first tweet I actually understood….could you attempt to decipher the majority of his “WHAT THE FUCK IS HE TALKING ABOUT?!” tweets?! Please and thank you!
    P.S. If this was anyone other than Dan Carcillo I would be repulsed and disgusted at vulgarity…but it’s Carbomb…he can get away with anything because he fits into no social norm category and I’m pretty sure doesn’t know what is socially acceptable.. and I love that about him…. I’ll just do waht I normally do and shake my head and laugh and think “Really Carbomb? REally?!”

  3. What’s really shocking for old timers like I, is that Paul Bisonette’s tweating name is BizNasty2point0.
    And I’d wish Carcillo would take advice from his own t-shirt. I thought he got more dissaplined this year, but in the last series he wound-up always taking stupid penalties at the worst time, like when your team is trying not to get swept and win a game 4.

  4. He probably wishes you had a better grip on the English language. I believe you mean disciplined.

  5. Nice, that’s a photo I took at the Union / Galaxy last Wednesday…Carter and Richards was with him too.

  6. “He probably wishes you had a better grip on the English language.” Posted by: uhh | May 13, 2011 at 10:02 PM
    Uhhhh, based on looking at some of his tweats, I’d say me grip on the queen’s english is better than his. Maybe when I was his age I also had a better grip on my opponnents too.
    Lil balls, that’s just mean. Laddie-Boy is fair game. Not his mommy.

  7. he is an uneducated ingrate piece of white trash. so deserving of philthadelphia and their idiot fanbase.

    1. But he plays for the Rangers now. NY fans are also deserving of white trash I suppose.

      I agree.

  8. Who Dat….man I wish i was fresh like danny c. he be all up in them girls. i aint got nothin…i tell a girl i be fresh and all and she just be playin’

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