And Now, Sad Yinzers


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  1. oooh, “Your comment will appear after being approved.” someone’s panties are in a tight wad.

    1. have to use this handle cause using the name RH from WIP will get you banned.

    2. My crossingbroad sources are telling me Kyle is working on a k.cie explanation post as we speak. Hence the long wait for a new post.
      More to come

  2. hi everyone! after twiter-whoring myself, I’m going to report on the traffic from kansas city in the FIRST PERSON, ’cause I’ll be leaving once I learn what a 5th-round pick gets paid.

    1. When you learn what a 5th round pick gets paid, you drop drop him so fast he won’t know what hit him, then move on to the next jock you twitter-stalk, you goofy little twat.

      Yeah, I am in a bad mood today.

  3. I’d love to console the sexy one if the first pic. The blonde isn’t bad either.

    /I’ll show myself out

    1. That was out of bounds, even for this fucked up site.

      But I still laughed.

      1. Yea I should probably lay off. He will one day be 22, and clearly has a family. Hopefully they can’t use the internets.

        /insert joke about how Pittsburg is full of dumb people.

        //shows self out again

  4. Yeah that 5th rounder was a steal, we got ourselves a ho-r-se as well. I just hope she kicks like one because God knows my garbage-heap QB can’t get us into the end zone.

    Time’s yours.

    KAY to the SEE
    *clears throat*

    (apparently you can’t say the type of animal Mr. Ed is either)

  5. Where’s Princess Sass when you need her? Guess she’s getting ready for the draft.

  6. Thank you Philly fans for supporting our Rangers against the hated Penguins,led by that little prick Cindy Crosby.

    Now we can go back to hating each other.

  7. .

    Wtf you can’t type k@cies name on here now without it being approved. Might be time to not view this site anymore

  8. looks like kyle has thin skin regarding K*cie comments

  9. People keep calling me and telling me to come here. What seems to be the problem.

    1. Let’s conduct an experiment, and see if there is anyone in Philly who HASN’T pussy-whipped kile. Stay tuned…

      1. clit cunt pussy tits and other words deemed not as objectionable as certain female media types in philly

      2. Whores-tooth jackass

        Ha! That’s better than the regular spelling? Incredible!

      3. Experiment over.

        It seems the only sacred bitches who have Kyle’s nuts in a vise are the traffic whore, and the adams-apple-toting ugly bitch on the ray-de-oh show in the am.

        Good job, Pussie!

        1. See what I did there?

          Rhea Hughes too!

          These 2 fine examples of free-speech-friendly media personalities (except when it interferes with their own personal wishes) are fucking jokes. (Wait, can we say fuck here? Yeah, I think we can, cause fuck apparently isn’t an objectionable word.

  10. “Omigod this homemade Stanley Cup getup is the best idea ever! Can’t wait to wear it to a potential elimination game, there’s no way it’ll ever be photographed as a metaphor for abject failure!”

  11. Aaaaaaaa-hahahahahaha!
    FUCK that team and their fraud fans!!! They deserve nothing else.

  12. If a chick getting angry about comments results in words being censored & banned, shouldn’t this site be called Crossing Broads?

    1. Could Kyle’s hopeless little crush on that dime-a-dozen trollop be any more obvious?

  13. Not sure how we can make fun of them when their team went further than ours…Also, the steel mill joke is kind of funny but they don’t really exist anymore.

    1. Context, bro. The Flyers weren’t a playoff team last year and weren’t expected to compete for a Cup this year. While it doesn’t make me happy, the season wasn’t a total failure.

      The Pens are supposed to win a Cup. They have two of the top five players in the world. Anything less than a Cup is disgraceful for a team in that position, and not only did they not win it, they didn’t even make the Finals. Not even the conference finals. They were bounced by the Rangers. That’s a total failure.

      I feel perfectly comfortable making fun of them.

  14. Funny you guys make fun of us when the pens went further in the playoffs. Hey at least you guys have 1975.
    – also I find it distasteful that you scumbag flyers fans disrespect that dime piece traffic girl. Don’t get it, she seems like a fun bright beautiful funny girl. All jealous of her & Aaron Murray. This site should delete any negative comments towards her. Smh


    1. I was wondering if you actually have a real life penis

    2. OMG AT THIS GUY^^^ Wow at the pens fan. Hey you made me lol at least

    3. Dude actually wrote the words “I find it distasteful”. On this site. That tickles my fancy, guvna’.

    4. I’d rather lose a hard-fought first round series in seven games than blow a 3-1 lead in the second round like your Kansas City Penguins.

      Also, #tradecrosby was trending on Twitter last night.

      1. Sad to know that from 2-6,Sean Brace will talk nothing but MIKE TROUT MIKE TROUT MIKE TROUT after the morning show with Bruno & Mayes talked nothing but MIKE TROUT MIKE TROUT MIKE TROUT.

  15. Hey guys. Remember me? I didn’t want to come rub it in after the last series win. But I will now.
    You fucking pussy flyer fans have no idea what it’s like to win. It’s laughable. Another Conf finals for us but you pussies are stuck in the shit box another year. Just face it. The flyers suck and so do all of you.

    1. eat a warm bowl of dicks you frontrunning shotglass of vaginal discharge

  16. I’m gonna eat that traffic girl. which is more action than kyle will ever get from her.

    1. probably because you said k@cie or h0rse. or that k@cie has h0rse teeth. which bringe me to another point – how the fuck can we talk preakness without h0rses?

  17. sad, sad, kyle – where I come from, we have a word for being pussy whipped when you’re not even getting the pussy. it’s called CHUMPATIZED.

  18. nope ,you can’t.

    kyle needs to get a better handle on this censorship thing. or drop the torch he’s carrying for his princess. that would work too.

      1. lm I suggested a ch4t r00m where K@see and Br8c3 are guests that we can talk 2 and it was held for approvement

  19. Wow, full on censorship, the very antithesis of what this site was built on.
    So Kyle is willing to turn his blog into a complete joke just so some traffic chick won’t be mad at him?
    That’s really sad, and I’ve stuck up for Kyle a lot in the past.

    1. Junkhead,

      I now have a well thought out, reasonable comment held for approval as well.

      This is getting ridiculous.

      This site took off with the comments during the FO64, and now we are being censored because we pick on someone KS has some kind of crush on.


      1. This site actually took off a few years ago around time of the Penn State scandal. Back then there were few other options for fucking hilarious comments on Sandusky, etc. And I defended Kyle for the overkill. Then after buying the Riley tape brought mini-fame he suddenly thought he was a ‘journalist’ and started keying solely on being a media phila-brity and stopped putting work in, cut n paste every day, ads upon ads out the ass, then gloats any time CB is mentioned anywhere, and more posts about the ads. Now with comment moderation it’s just fucked up. Next will be banning commenters via ip address, which means we’ll need to comment via iphones and kid’s/friends iphones etc. Then his viewers will be gone.
        *That was way too long, sorry-

        1. Not denying that CB was popular before the FO64. But the comments really took it to another level during the bracket. And, as far as I know, Kyle wasn’t being interviewed on radio during the Sandusky disgrace. Marks and Brace had him on twice, I think, during the bracket, and every show on 97.5 and 94 brought up the bracket and mentioned CB.

          The FO64 also spawned the kaycee (I am afraid to type the name properly at risk if censorship) venom, which all began when commenters asked why she wasn’t in the bracket.

          If she wasn’t such a twitter slut, she would be the object of this.

          As far as what this site has become: pop up ads, t-shirts, copy-and-paste stories, and censorship..

          1. Yea but being interviewed on radio was alot like when he was all heady from being on that shitty Comcast reporter show a while back. #1- Nobody listens to sports radio long-term any more unless their team is awesome, and #2- FO64 was a one-trick pony, what’s he gonna do the same thing next year? These local media schlubs don’t change like players on NCAA teams, in fact they don’t change at all. It’ll still be Fadool’s titties vs hack Ditty or similar. zzzzzzz…..

  20. This scandal isn’t going away kyle. You WILL have to face the music.

    Apparently the name ” Hay is for W-h-0-r-s-e-s” needs approval…..

  21. So who is going to create the new site? all we need is a message board.

    This comment approval bs is a call to arms. now we mutiny!

    1. k-cie gate has gone to a whole new level today. It’s like we are at w@r with KS

    2. I’m thinking we call it – a site for the commentors.

      No censorship, no t-shirts, and just enough ads to break-even.

  22. he thinks he’s just going to ride this out. and he has less chance of that then riding k@cie.

  23. I’m going have to call a violation on the attention whore fox 29 traffic girl who is 22 for tweeting
    “Thanks Homie” to Aaron Murray

  24. Are you kidding me??? I just posted a well thought, reasonable comment, and it has to be approved???

    Fuck You.

  25. This was a brilliant move, Kyle. I haven’t seen a comment section this hilarious in months.

    1. Haha I agree. This has me loling in work. Kind of a brilliant move by Kyle

  26. K@see offer kyles favors. Ms. CB finds out. Girl fight ensues. Kyle records whole thing. Gets kickd out of house.

  27. Kyle it’s us (your fans) or k–cie.
    What’s it going to be ?

  28. Hey guys enough of this! No need to ruin a beautiful girls life. Also what is the word for a football puck bunny? And how much was KS rooting for Murray to not get drafted?

    1. Why is everybody resorting to at-signs, zeroes, misspellings, and other such shit, when you can just call a Kacie McDonnell for what she is – a horse-toothed media whore(se).

      And speaking of horses, how about that Rhea Hughes? What a horse-faced hypocrite, busting Kyles stones here. IT’S A STINKING AMATEUR BLOG! IF SHE WAS TRULY A PROFESSIONAL MEDIA PERSON, SHE WOULD BE ABOVE ALL THIS! Go strap-on your feed bag!

  29. “Your comment will be posted upon approval” is code for your comment will never fucking be posted.


    1. by July this site’s page views will drop as bad as I want to drop the Pens Temple Fan.
      bad business decision by Kyle ruiung the only good thing about this site.

  30. someday I’ll tell my grandchildren that I witnessed the pathetic whimper that was the downfall of crossing broad.

    and they’ll say “what the fuck was crossing broad?”


  32. The fact that we have pretty much taken over and made a complete mockery of this blog might be the greatest thing on the internet. Great job people! Oh, and the F- h0rse-t00th f@keb00b n@rcissistic traffic b!tch.

  33. I hope someone screen shots these comments. Big day in crossingbroad history

    1. kyle “screen shots” every time we say k@cie.

      and by “screen shots” I mean ejaculates.

  34. i have been sitting here laughing all morning. Thats what she gets for dumping me.

    Its ok, I am working the Jillian Mele angle. I hear she is way more adventerous.

  35. Can someone please explain how the K@cey gate start and why Kyle seems to be butt hurt by it???

  36. Karaoke actually creates isolated electricity, so underrated chicken kings salute crimson octuplets calling koalas.

  37. Remember last year when everyone went nuts in the comments section because of the “Kyle banished Candy form the Oak” rumor? Or a few months before that when Kyle outed that one annoying commenter? Of course you don’t, because it’s obvious most of you guys are newer followers of the blog.

    All your bitching and moaning about censorship and approvals has happened before, and it only benefits one person, take a guess at who that is.

  38. This is some monumental shit. Best part, Kyle has to spend all his time approving comments, instead of “blogging.”

    By the way, this broad reports traffic for a living. Traffic! Time is ticking to find a solid QB for the 2015 draft.

  39. My grandfather was a Navajo codebreaker before moving to Delco and becoming a gas huffer, so I feel I can help our community in this time of need.

    A = 4
    I = 1


  40. I will paypal $10 to the first person who creates a “K@c1e-g@te” wikipedia page. and an extra $5 if you manage to include side-by-side pictures of her and a h0r5e.

  41. Just sayin’ that “Low Orbit Ion Cannon” fixes websites in a jif. Im just saying.

    1. I’d like to use my “low orbit ion cannon” on K4C1E, if ya know what I mean.

      and if you don’t know, I’m talkin’ ’bout my penis.

  42. So let’s get an official list rolling so we can keep track of banned words.

    So far I have:

    1. k*acie
    2. h*orse

    1. you’re gonna have to do better than that. after all, this IS philly’s most irreverent sports blog. LOL

  43. Kaaayyyyy Ceeeee the traffic whhoorsse has huge teeth, bring it on Kyle

  44. Fuck you losers, I’ve got a job lined up at KCTV5. I’ll be weekend news anchor and easily be #1 in all of KfC within a year. I’m a GODDESS compared to the talent out there. #StartedFromTheBottomNowWe’reMiddle. #BBQ #midwestLYFE

    1. authentic or not, either kylie blessed this one or someone figure out how to fool the filter. definitely a watershed event in k@cie-g@te either way. note the time and mark it in the log – THIS, my friends, is when CB hit the iceberg.

  45. Yo guys, cut Main Line a break. So what if he’s got a crush on BabaBooey?

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