Another Mike Trout-to-the-Phillies Column

Photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Evans, writing for in an article titled Mike Trout a Phillie some day? It’s possible:

Mike Trout didn’t say no.

I asked Trout in Washington, D.C. a few weeks ago, with his first time as a professional in Philadelphia a few weeks away, if he envisioned possibly playing for the Phillies some day.

It’s certainly an impossible question to answer honestly, unless the answer is unequivocally that he doesn’t want to play for the team he grew up rooting for and he felt he was going to spend the next 20 years on the West Coast.

“You never know,” said Trout. “I’m just happy this organization gave me an opportunity to be here the next several years.”

The question was asked again of him in a press conference Tuesday before his first game in Philadelphia, and again he noted the time to make that decision is a few years away.

“When the time comes, we’ll see,” said Trout with a laugh.

Please make it stop.


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    1. You’re okay creating a post about and inviting comments revolving around which phillies prospect’s girlfriend we’re more sexually attracted to, but not okay with the comments on an article where it’s a picture of someone’s desk with your merchandise? But oh you just happened to “stumble upon” them right? I guess you didn’t think to check the comments about Biddle and Asche’s girlfriends. I mean why would there be any offensive comments on an article where you asked us to pick which one of them is hotter?

      1. ^^this is a really good point.
        Would like to see a response from Kyle on this.

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  3. Seriously? ESPN personalities have their head up their ass or hate white people (Jamele Hill). ZWR rules.

  4. A black man has a better chance of becoming a KKK member,than the Phillies have at landing Mike Trout.


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        Thank you the time is yours.

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  7. Now that KC-Gate is over – Lets pick up where we left off and continue to make fun of Sean Brace.

    $100 (in CB Apparel) to the person who rolls into pitchers pub and slugs him right in the face while he is playing Jay-Z.

    1. For Sean Brace, Kyle should do the opposite of what he’s done for case-e-gate.

      Instead of blocking the comment, the site should pull-in lots of pre-stored verbage about Brace, to save the commentor from having to type in everything.

      For example, just type in ‘Sean Brace” and a few specific thoughts, and the blog software should flesh it out by inserting lots of previously-stored Brace anecdotes, so we can all laugh at them (him) again.



    I feel a little gayer for watching you, had to cut it off at two minutes. Still a fan though.

    Let me get a shout out!

  9. Funny, the King was the first who said that Paps was out on town partying but Mike is trying to take credit by not acknowledging his source. That makes Mike and his lap dog Martinez the frauds that they know they are. Hey, King make sure you say something about that on Saturday when your stuffing your face at Ponzio’s and taking calls from that idiot Levi.

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  13. I found that unconvincing. I also want to know where the last two days of comments have gone from every thread, since Kylie doesn’t have the TIME to police them. hmmm, another fucking mystery.

  14. Like how he sneaks his response & doesn’t have a k.cie post so it gets back to her & she cries again to take it down.

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