Apparently Ruben Amaro is a Candidate to Be Commissioner

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A familiar name was brought up in a NY Post (take with grain of salt, please) article about Disney President Bob Iger being a potential replacement for Bud Selig when he steps down next January: Ruben Amaro Jr. Yeah, the guy whose business has taken a measurable step backward each year since he took over for Pat Gillick before the 2009 season. That Ruben Amaro:

Candidates will be nominated by the MLB committee and then voted on by league owners, with 24 of 30 votes needed to get the job.

Sports Illustrated suggested this month that high-profile possibilities like Joe Torre, Bob Costas, George F. Will and Dick Ebersol are unrealistic because of their age or lack of interest in the gig. Other potential candidates include MLB execs such as COO Rob Manfred as well as Dodgers owner Stan Kasten and Phillies GM Rubén Amaro Jr.

Haha. That’s the only reasonable reaction to that last sentence. But then again, the search for Selig’s successor has seen the name George W. Bush – a former club owner and, you know, President – thrown around. So anything is possible. [Oddly, unlike being a puppet President, GW might be required to make more of his own decisions as commissioner– essentially the CEO of a major company. In other words: he could actually be a worse commissioner than President.]

But being commissioner might be a role that suits Amaro better than GM. His baseball-team-building skills are antiquated and, quite frankly, lacking. His arrogant failure to embrace even the most basic of advanced metrics, instead relying heavily on scouting and a huge wallet, has led him to manage the Phillies into the ground. There’s almost nothing to look forward to, no young player to excite fans. But, if there’s one thing Amaro is good at, I think, it’s getting deals done. Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, Hunter Pence, Roy Oswalt, even Pedro Martinez. Those are all guys who were, in some shape or form, in demand at the time the Phillies acquired or re-signed them. And deal-making is a large part of what a commissioner does. So is bullshitting people. Amaro, who went to Stanford, is smart (ostensibly), a decent negotiator, and bullshits like no other.

Of course, I still think this would be a horrible idea.

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  1. I get the amaro hate and all of that. But as for young players, Crawford and Franco do get my bowels in an uproar.

  2. If this would mean he would no longer be the GM of the Philadelphia Phillies but still would have allegiance to the Phillies, in the HIGHEST ranking job in the game…Why wouldn’t you be all fucking for this!

    1. And Kyle makes that exact same argument, but then says it’s a horrible idea. Kyle is a goddamn idiot.

      Fucking amateurs…

  3. As bad as he may be at being commish, this would mean Amaro is no longer the GM of the Phillies. Anyway the Phils are rid of him is fine by me.

    1. Can’t I just wish for him to die in a car accident or something easier?

  4. Ruben doesn’t use advanced metrics because he knows if advanced metrics were used when he was playing he wouldn’t have ever had a career. So in not doing so, he is helping out and signing and drafting the scrub baseball players because that’s what he was.

  5. I hate to speak on the behalf of reader Spicmaro, but I’m guessing he’s on board with this as long as Ruben takes Ryan Howard with him.

  6. I would love Ruben to be named new commish. That would mean he’s no longer with the Phils. Disney DOES make dreams come true

  7. Phllies rid themselves of Amaro, he instills the DH for the both leagues, getting Ryan Howard out of the field.

    Ed Wade takes over, acquires three deadline middle relievers this team desperately needs, but they never pan out, However, he rehires Mike Arbuckle and rebuilds the farm system within 5 years.

    Fans run Ed Wade out of town again and they move the entire front office to Jefferson Hospital where Pat Gillick, attached to a ventilater, trades away a “bad culture” guy, unearths 2-3 hidden gems from the Mariners/Dodgers system and wham-o, Philadelphia Phillies, your 2020 World Series Champions.

    Ruben Amaro is impeached from Commissioners office for various indiscretions (He abolishes the DH from both leagues once Howard’s contract is up, etc.). Gillick retires from life at 83 and Amaro is reinstated as Phillies GM.


    1. I don’t know about creampies without a ring but I can definitely picture her being down for facials.

  8. A bad idea? You just mentioned how great he is at getting deals done and on top of that, it would leave a vacancy for the Phillies GM job. Anyway we can rid ourselves of Rube is a victory. I mean, we know the loyal Phils brass is never going to fire this guy so this might be the only way to actually get rid of him. We need to start a ‘Ruben for Commissioner’ campaign immediately. Nothing but positives about how much we love Rube and great he could be as commissioner until he is gone. Maybe hold a couple Rube rallies.

  9. If sheeople stop going to see the Phailins ownership will definitely fire Rube. Those rich fucks always want constant revenue. Moral of the story: don’t buy tickets.

  10. “[In other words: GW could actually be a worse commissioner than President.]”

    Kyle, you are such a liberal tool. Obama hasn’t ever even had a real non-government job….but what’s most disappointing is that he hasn’t even tried to bring whites & blacks together. That was the ONE thing I thought he would do and was actually excited about when he got elected. I was truly rooting for him. But he hasn’t done a thing to advance the race. Not even one single “MLK Jr. esque” moment from that man. So disappointing. Think about it……yea, that’s what I thought. Truth hurts.

    1. Who the fuck expected Obama to bring blacks and whites together???

      Sean Brace is blacker than Obama.

    2. Just because you think Obama sucks, that means Bush can’t suck too? They can’t both be bad presidents? I don’t understand why you’re attacking Obama to defend Bush. That’s like saying responding to criticism of Ryan Howard by saying, “Yeah but Ben Revere is awful!”

  11. Rube Amaro is a good GM , he just has his hands tied with Monty calling the shots

  12. just when you thought fuckface main-line weak-beard cum-guzzler Kyle hadn’t already alienated enough of us, he floats a shot at the last American president. fuck you, Kyle. you can’t even run a blog in the 2010s without lying your way into scandal. I guess a nation DOES learn from its “leaders.”

    1. Sooo…let me guess. Is the sitting President either:

      a) A Socialist Muslim
      b) A Marxist Kenyan

      While I am sure Kyle will miss your page clicks, you will be fine. Fox News Channel and Ann Coulter’s blog are waiting for you.

      1. None of the above. He’s a good guy – definitely a likable guy. Just failed miserably at the one thing many of us fiscally conservative minded folks thought for sure he would do right….but he didn’t even TRY. He is obviously afraid to rock the boat….figured he would after getting re-elected but nope, no dice. Man oh man, what a total waste of a good opportunity.

        1. I agree with you to a point. Plenty of wasted potential. Republicans stonewalling him didn’t help…but we probably shouldn’t turn this into a political blog.

          I was more addressing former CB reader’s assertion that Bush was the last “American” President. I thought the Birthers were back in their holes.

          1. Understood. Thanks for clarifying. Yeah I’m no birther wack job. I like Obama and think he’s a good guy. Just a realist about Obama missing a great opportunity. Def not a political blog but Kyle threw the GW thing in there to get clicks and I took bait. My bad

          2. Bush wasn’t the last American President.

            Cheney was the first American Dark Lord of The Sith.

          3. Good on them for stonewalling – after that useless stimulus and the equally awful healthcare bill being railroaded through, someone had to stop the madness.

  13. Bush would be better than Obama. Obama spends most of the summer on the golf course already.

    1. Bush spent most of his presidency at “The Western White House” aka his fucking ranch, you moron.

      1. It was called the “Western White House” because he worked from there. Obama does no work on the golf course, but I doubt the brainwashed like you can grasp these things.

  14. No Obama spends his days & nights,funding,arming,and sending his CIA death squads to train foreign sunni arab mercenaries to kill innocent men,women,and children in Syria in the hopes of overthrowing the legitimate Syrian Government.

    He’s a war criminal.

  15. Barack Obama could have really helped our country along had he not been such a pussy and afraid to upset blacks by asking us to look in the mirror and stop blaming everything on white people. Basically saying some things that we didn’t want to hear and that perhaps would have made us uncomfortable…. He failed to even attempt to address race relations …let alone do what so many of us thought he would do: become an outspoken leader on the subject! He could have gone down in history as a true game changer. He could have taken what Martin Luther King Jr. started and brought it to the next level. Honestly, it was such a huge failure and a wasted opportunity which may never come again in our lifetime. Sucks……depressing actually……

    1. Yes, because you know who can really reach out to the uneducated inner city masses of African Americans? A guy who was born in Honolulu, went to school in Indonesia for a few years and then went to Columbia and Harvard Law. I mean, that practically screams average African American male right there. Tupac ain’t got shit on him!

    2. To the contrary, he injected himself into every situation, shot off his mouth before having all the facts, and made them worse. Gates, Trayvon, Sterling – you name it, he was lecturing us before the media’s crocodile tears were dry.

  16. You fuckwits are taking your eye off the ball.

    The mention of KAClE and her brutal tit job will continue until we get the truth:

  17. When Sam gets cut from the Rams, BO will hire the Black F_ ag to clean the sheets
    of Mooochelle’s bed bugs and get some real deep attention.

    1. Love how people are finally realizing how bad that chick sucks

    2. Who cares about this overrated bee-otch? You guys spend way too much airtime on her. Wasting my F’ing data package on this lemon.

      1. I’m going have to call a violation on stalkers for using the phrase “bee-otch”.

    3. All he has to do is admit he lied to us and sold us out for a SKIRT. That’s all he has to do. But that would require getting his balls out of the dusty thimble-sized jar ten deep in the bottom drawer of Kac!e’s desk.

  18. Think if Kyle could he would go back in time & never delete those comments? He really fuck up bad on that one over a buck teeth weather girl

  19. If you over hear a chimp saying “Ims dat n1gga”. Can you validate him by saying “indeed, you are a n1gga”? Or is that racist. I dunno. One part of me appreciates positive reinforcement and validation. The other part of me is terrified of a Cat-5 chimpout. Help?

  20. wow, i bet you waited a long time to crow bar in a PARAGRAPH about a former president that you didnt like. Who would have guessed that a pink shirt wearing, 5 oclock shadow having, computer blogger faggot would be a liberal. the only thing missing from your wardrobe is a pair of horned rimmed glasses. up yours asshole.

  21. It’s sad that Bush was a bad president but at the same time the best president we have had in 2 decades.

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