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The Phillies and their marketing folks continue to really have the pulse of the Philadelphia sports fan. Broadway star and aging blonde Kristin Chenoweth sang oUUuR NatiONaL ANtHeM at the game last night as part of Teva Respiratory Asthma Awareness Night (she has asthma). That’s cool. During the game, the Phillies Twitter guy did what the Phillies Twitter guy does best– a supremely lame contest. #Tweetyourticket asked attendees to tweet their ticket with date and location. The first response (which is the surefire way to kill any contest almost immediately) would get a prize.

The winner was (@ChuckZ123). His prize? A cheap Phillies hat and a signed picture of Chenoweth. He looks so thrilled.

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Good job, Phillies. Chuck is going to be so pop-u-lar.