Carlos Ruiz Helped Save the Lives of Two Panamanian Friends Lost at Sea This Weekend

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Not since Roy Halladay saved a naked man from an Anaconda have we heard a more heartwarming story about a Phillies battery member saving human life in Central or South America.

Just an incredible story from Jeffrey Eisenband of Yahoo!’s The Post Game, who chronicled Carlos Ruiz’s horrific weekend. Two of Chooch’s friends, Dubarran and Jose Mercedes Rodriguez (not aliases of Fausto Carmona Roberto Hernandez), became lost at sea off the coast of Panama after their fishing boat capsized. Panic-stricken, Ruiz couldn’t sleep Saturday night and nearly flew home to lend a hand. But, he let his wallet do the talking:

Ruiz’s friends were lost in the water for 35-40 hours, but they were rescued thanks in part to Ruiz, who hired boats, helicopters and airplanes to search for them. “For almost two days, we were so worried,” Ruiz said. “We didn’t know if something was going to happen to them. I’m so happy they are OK. Now I can get back to the field.”

As it got dark Saturday, SENAN put off the search during the night. Ruiz, 35, couldn’t sleep and felt time was pressing.

“Carlos was going to fly to Panama and everything,” his childhood friend, Omar Urriola, told ThePostGame by phone from Panama.

Carlos stayed in Philadelphia, but one of the private boats he hired had a search team that included his uncle, Manuel Rios; his brother, Joaquin, and other family friends.

Ruiz didn’t play in Josh Beckett’s no-hitter on Sunday and, after the game, returned to his locker to learn that his friends had been rescued. Rodriguez was found clinging to a gas tank. And one of the boats Ruiz hired found Dubarran strapped to a buoy, about to fall asleep:

“[Ruiz’s brother] saw something and said, ‘Hey, look! There’s something. The captain saw there was something and they went there. They jumped in the water and found them. I told my brother he did a great job.”

The crew told Dubarran it was Carlos who funded his rescue, and he got on the phone with Carlos as soon as he got to shore.

“The first thing I did was I prayed to God and said thank you and wow,” Ruiz says after getting the news about Dubarran in the car home from the game. “When I came into my house, I got a hug from my brother, my wife and my little kid. It was grand. I was so happy.”

Jesus Christ, this is adorable. HE SO HAPPY! I thought it was some sort of satire when I first read it. Chooch saves men stranded at sea from Citizens Bank Park dugout. But nope. Of course he did. Of course Chooch helped save the lives of two men lost at sea in Panama this weekend.

Must-read story.


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  1. Chooch looks like he’s been smoking a lot of angel dust with his weight loss this season

  2. So how can we get Rube on one of these floating(?) 3rd world deathtraps?

  3. Off topic here, so deal with it.

    Miss is on a rant because Riley Cooper was partying at the shore. I guess Mike puts Cooper on the level of historic figures because he did something stupid. Not..NOT defending Cooper. But if one mistake ends a career and a life, then Mike must be a cat. he has had several lives.

    This, after 2 hours of Brace ripping Manziel….after he tried to big time a bouncer at an Olde City bar.

    WIP but suck, but 97.5 is taking the hypocrisy trophy lately.

    1. I heard Missanelli’s rant also.
      His logic is that Cooper made his slur while having some summertime fun with the guys last year, so by going out again he’s setting himself up for it to happen again and he should just lay low.
      I think the guy has paid his dues and he’s allowed to have some fun.
      Missanelli is such a douche.

      1. I heard that. Wtf Riley not allowed to enjoy a weekend down the shore with his buddies. Love seeing them guys partying & enjoying the people

      2. Lay off mikey,, hes still pissed off about the time in the early 90s when his ex wife banged they’re neighbor and got pregnant with his illegitimate child

      3. What about Vick having people present as his Birthday Party (an il-advised idea if ever there was one, but don’t expect Missy to agree) that he LEGALLY was not allowed to be around?

        Missy is fucking pussy.

    2. Agreed 100000% aka kyles annual income in percentage. If mike mrsmelly got in trouble being on the radio then maybe he should stay off the radio so he doesn’t punch anyone. Remember when he said he’d never respond to emails or tweets again? I guess that is out the window. God I can’t fucking stand that man. Riley did a dumb thing, although not illegal, still very stupid. Does that mean he has to lock himself in his house?

  4. banal, yes, but can we please stop with the “of course he did” phrases. they are hackneyed and reek of not-trying.

  5. I dunno – these guys both look like Chooch. And also bear striking resemblance to the guys whocutmy neighbors lawn.

    Now, back to yelling whilst I read from the TelePrompTer !

  6. If we get up to UFC 1000 that means that Brace and Marks will have gone to Las Vegas 1000 times.

  7. Hey Chooch’s brother, can you hit .270 and take no walks? If so, I’ll sign you to a 7 year $100M deal right now. I could totally see you and Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez forming a battery for the future.

    I’m a great GM 🙂

  8. Is his brother’s friend drinking a fruit punch Mondo? They still make those?

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