Chase and Jen Utley are Expecting a Second Child, So Here’s a Picture of Chase Dressed Like an Indian

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 9.17.26 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 9.17.32 PM

Apparently tonight is Jimmy Rollins’ Taste of the World, Bollywood Bash at, of all places, the Union League (whose ultra conservative members I imagine are positively horrified by the outfits). And apparently Chase and Jen Utley are expecting a second child.

I used to get invites to cover things like this until, I think, the PR folks organizing them realized that I didn’t want to play along in the Philly-celeb-masturbatory-gala echo chamber. Oh well. Photo credit to HughE Dillon, who takes much better pictures than I could anyway.

And congrats to Chase and Jen. This time I promise not to post a picture of their newborn and then get threatened by an overzealous publicist.


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  1. The union league is old and hurting for cash because all the members are dying. They will do anything to make a quick buck so they remain exclusive the other 30 days of the month.

  2. Hey Jen have a seat!

    Id bury my fAce in that tasty muff. I bet its meaty like the Whiskey King from village whiskey.

  3. K’cs teef look like when Martin Lawerence delivered pizza to the police station in Blue Streak

  4. Nice try Kyle, now back to the ripping on our favorite traffic whore with the huge t…e.e. th, not tits

  5. oh THAT must be it. you just keep it too real. it’s not that they find you phony and tedious.

    damn now I’m gonna need a new IP address.

    just like IP all over that twittertwat k to the ay to the seeeeeeeeeee

  6. I bet her crack looks like james hardens face. No way shes bald. Besides the fact she looks like donkey from shrek i bet if u slip ur middle finger too far down your finger will feel like rick moranis in honey i shrunk the kids when he was lost in the backyard.

  7. I despise the interracial dating depicted in the picture above.

    “If a woman lies with a beast, she shall be put down like one”-Leviticus 17-12

  8. sit on my faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace

    and tell me about the weather. I mean tr@ffic. who fucking cares, you have no talent.

  9. Kyle do you collect baseball cards ?
    K-C is a pig, why you in love with her?

  10. I’m shocked Ryan Howard hasn’t got his white wife pregnant yet

  11. Why does Comcast believe that David Cohen, wearing the head of pig, can persuade
    Congress of anything?

  12. Beautiful wife.
    Chase Utley is the man.

  13. Why is Kyle attempting to block any comments containing Kacie McDonnell, Rhea Hughes, or just a generic horse-tooth media whore comment?

    1. “Just for two days to tamp down the comment hijacking.”

      Well, that gameplan really worked out. Good thinking!

  14. Kyle, if you really want to get in Kaaaaaaayceeee McDoooonnnellllllllllll’s pants, just buy her some oats or a salt lick.

  15. just checking May 15, 2014 at 7:49 am
    Your comment will appear after being approved. Kacccie McDonnelll

  16. Good Morning,

    How’s that whole “2 days to tamp down the comment hijacking” thing working so far???

  17. I would love to hate fuck k*cie. Suck on them fake Tities too. Maybe even eat her pussy

  18. On the bright side, Marks and Brace are back to only 2 hours today.

    And I conducted a little test, simply typing the name of a certain traffic reporter after I typed the above text.

    “Your comment will appear after being approved”

    Douche Bag.

    1. those 2 morons just tweeted out that are dedication the show to the year 2004. who the f wants to hear/talk about the past

  19. I just love the taste of meat that’s pink inside and those savory juices. It has to be flavorful and that meat has to fall right off the bone. You have to make sure the meat is heated to right temperature. It might take several hours to get ready but you’ll know when it’s time open up that oven.

  20. Does anyone actually listen to the WIP morning show anymore? I flipped it on for 5 seconds and heard Angelo’s voice and had to turn to another station to listen to commercials again. Just brutal. WIP is stupid for not realizing they can probably crush the Fanatic and Mike & Mike every morning if they just get some half decent talent that is not unbearable to listen too.

    That is all, carry on.

    Brent Celek, Thincinatti

    1. Cataldi has attempted to be a 3rd rate sports-centric Howard Stern for over 25 years, and if anyone you know thinks he’s amusing chances are they are retarded.

      Check out his wikipedia page sometime and judge for yourself if he didn’t write it personally and make an intern post it:

      “Cataldi immediately brought a comedic and witty personality to the station. He continues to provide humorous commentary (Angelo’s “rants”) on local Philadelphia sports, as well as his everyday living experiences, making him one of Philadelphia’s most popular, entertaining and recognizable radio personalities.”

      1. Cataldi’s schtick would put Chuckles The Clown to shame. A man has to want money bad to put the clown suit on each day.

  21. “the PR folks organizing them realized that I didn’t want to play along in the Philly-celeb-masturbatory-gala echo chamber”

    Yeah, ok.

  22. Can we get some clarification on the two day censorship ban?
    Does yesterday count as day one, and are we only counting business days?
    Also, can that Navaho code talker dude post again and teach us the code so we can communicate with each other in the meantime?

  23. “Just for two days to tamp down the comment hijacking.”

    I bet that traffic twat looks like a roast beef sandwich.

    gimme a K
    gimme a A
    gimme a C
    gimme a I
    gimme a E

    what’s that spell?

    you are never going to touch the hiney. let it go, louie.

  24. Kyle Scott said “I used to get invites to cover things like this until, I think, the PR folks organizing them realized that I didn’t want to play along in the Philly-celeb-masturbatory-gala echo chamber.”

    No numbnutz you stopped getting invites because the Phillies players didnt want to hear the repulsively vile comments coming from your gutterblog. They didnt want to hear about the sexual acts your readers would like do to their wives/Gf’s .

    1. In my heart of hearts I truly hope that was World Fucking Champion up there.

  25. Hugh Dillion is a joke of a gossip/celebrity blogger/photographer. He and Bolaris got into it a few weeks ago. Guy needs to get a grip on reality.

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