Comcast F*@king Hates You


Comcast plans on capping your data usage. From Tech Crunch, via Philly Mag:

During an investor call today (link via Ars), Comcast executive VP David Cohen said that he predicts bandwidth caps (or, as ISPs prefer to put it, “usage-based billing”) to be rolled out network-wide within the next 5 years or so.

The reason they haven’t done so already? They’re still working out exactly where they can cap things before they start getting phone calls — that is, before people start calling up to cancel. Meanwhile, making things more complicated tends to scare people away, so they don’t want to just offer up multiple plans/tiers — so before they make any changes, they need to find that plan that works for almost everyone.

Yeah, that’s not surprising. And that five-year-or-so timeframe will fit nicely with the 2018 lifting of the court-mandated ban on Comcast throttling your data. Figure around that time Comcast broadband packages will contain both usage and speed tiers. You’ll cut the cord by then, but you won’t necessarily be paying less, because ultimately, that decision isn’t about price. [Following from upcoming piece on cord-cutting and sports:] Sure, you may save some money now by cord-cutting, but as ISPs (Comcast, Verizon, etc.) begin to see their revenue pie shift from cable subscriptions to broadband subscriptions, you can bet your little binge-watching pants that they’re going to do everything they can to mine just as much money (if not more) out of you to use their pipe. With all the bandwidth required for streaming video, it’s going to take big pipes. We all like big pipes. Your wife certainly likes big pipes. And ISPs spend their days trying to grow their pipes so they can charge you more to ride them. It’s all about laying the pipe. Not surprisingly, Comcast has a big pipe. And it just got even bigger with their acquisition* of Time Warner. They’ll now have about a third of Internet subscribers, and that means less competition… which means they’ll fuck you. With their massive pipe.

In somewhat related news: The Comcast Network is now available in HD for Fios customers– channel 580 (and 595 in Mercer County). Just in time for baseball season. Just late enough that hockey and basketball seasons are over and Phillies games are no longer getting bumped to the sister station. Great planning, assholes.

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40 Responses

  1. How quickly you forget how Comcast broke the Philly curse and delivered the city a World Series victory.

  2. Comcast already has Data caps… go check your bill online you’ll see it there… 🙁 fuck comcast and their bullshit (actually…. fuck all internet providers since they want net neutrality to go away)

    1. Yep. I think its set around 70GB if I remember correctly. I actually stumbled upon it while looking for information about reducing my bill by losing phone and TV channels (which they have no interest in letting you find out about) and was pretty surprised. That shit certainly isn’t on your paper bill anyway.

      Those motherfuckers should honestly be in jail they’re such criminals.

    2. PER MY BILL

      Note: Enforcement of the 250GB data consumption threshold is currently suspended.

    1. TT Boy,

      What’s with all your bullshit? Just simply type Kacie McDonnell. What’s the problem?

  3. They only have caps in certain markets (I.e. Where there is little or no competition)

  4. Comcast is not the enemy. They provide something at people use everyday. TV, Internet, and Phone. Sure cable is $$, but so are hte propgramming costs they have to pay to providors. ESPN alone costs over 1 billion dollars to carry. Sure they saved a few bucks when they purchased NBC so they dont have to pay for that content, but most stuff in NBC stinks. They are not a monolopy as there are other options – People choose Comcast b/c they offer more than anyone else, so its the better choice.

    PGW is the real criminal…their rates are sky high. And yet, where are your options for gas?

    1. Would it have been so hard for you to type out “expensive” instead of “$$”?

      Cable sure is dollar sign dollar sign. Do you see how retarded that is?

    2. Before you continue with your ridiculous line of thinking take a look at what other countries pay for internet/cable service (even in the third world). They get much faster speeds for a fraction of the cost. Still think they aren’t screwing you?

    3. Comcast isn’t a monopoly? I will agree that they aren’t technically a monopoly in that they have ONE company that competes with them in this area i.e. Verizon. Also, dish network and direct tv but who the fuck actually has satellite? Not enough to make a difference. My point is that the don’t have any meaningful competition. Verizon just does the same shit Comcast does so there’s not real alternative where you can save money. Which is the essence of competition. Plus, look around the area. Comcast basically owns Philadelphia. Sounds close enough to a monopoly for me.

      The whole cable TV thing is a circle jerk where the big networks (ABC, NBC, Fox, etc.) get together with Comcast and Verizon to fuck us with channel packages (including channels you don’t need and will never watch) and service bundles. Like, who the fuck needs a land-line these days? Yet, Comcast and Verizon basically force you to get one which somehow saves you money with these goddamn bundles. Obviously, cable television is expensive (or “$$”) but the really disturbing thing they are trying to control and cap is the internet.

      The internet is (obviously) about more than just streaming television. Its about shopping and working and getting information. All the information. But now Comcast and Verizon are trying to make you pay for more access to that information and make providers (like Kyle probably) pay more for access to their artificially created “fast lanes” which is bullshit because there’s only a limited amount of bandwidth available so until they add more there is no “fast lane.” Meaning that when they sped Netflix up (for example) they had to slow everyone else down. That’s only the tip of the iceberg and this tier system they’re going to come out with is just awful. Think about it. You don’t have to pay more for more access right now right? But, in a few years, they are going to take that away from you and make you pay more than you do now for the same access. You’re paying more and getting the same or less. That’s bullshit and its what getting fucked by Comcast feels like. Say what you will about PSE&G or PECO but at least they don’t dim your lights if you don’t pay for the higher electricity tier.

      I’ll get off my soap box now…sorry about the long post (I know, TL;DR) but its a fucked up situation and it fucking pisses me off.

      uhhh….something about that girl everyone keep talking about…yea! TITS!

  5. Kyle actually cares if everyone subscribes under Comcast’s karmic ceiling or chomps knob.

  6. It’s funny you talk about laying big pipe when that’s exactly what your wife goes after with the big black guys on the main line. Just admit it Kyle. No one has seen you with her in months, the gig is up! The truth is already out there, you cuckold.

  7. If you look at throughout history most monopolies, the Carnegie, Rockefellers achieved their status by providing the lowest cost to their customers. It was their competitors that labeled them monopolies because they couldn’t compete with the low cost provided by them. Monopolies by themselves are not a bad thing to an economy as long as they are attained under pure market conditions. Simply if Comcast starts charging outrageous prices, a new company will come in and take their market share. Thus it is in the best interest of Comcast to keep fees as low as possible for fear of losing to competitors

    1. you don’t think that comcrap prices are outrageous? guess you must work there and get their service for free…

    2. What do you mean if they START charging outrageous prices? They’ve been doing that for years!!!

    3. Are u nuts? Comcast has exclusive rights to operate in about half the country, no competitor would be allowed to try and set up shop in these towns to offer cheaper internet services…..however maybe a wireless system could come in and try to undercut them…but Comcast is working to wrap up all available wireless spectrum, so this ain’t happening either.

  8. ComCRAP is the worst, most EVIL company on the planet. I dropped them like a bad habit a few years back and would sell all my tv’s/computer equipment and go live in a cave before I ever directly paid for any of their overpriced, under performing shit products ever again.

  9. I’m already getting tired of these overpriced tv/internet providers. Once your 2-year contract is up, the price sky-rockets for the same exact service. What does everyone do after their contract is up?…renew the contract at their higher price? I’m thinking of cutting the cord…It’s such a joke.

    1. Dude, that same shit just happened to me. I was on the phone with those bastards for a couple hours trying to get a cheaper rate and they could have just saved me time by saying “fuck you. you’re screwed.” I would have appreciated the honesty. Would also love to cut the cord. Are there any solutions for watching NFL games w/o cable? Besides getting an antenna for the broadcast games of course.

      1. Why not just keep switching back and forth between comcast and fios every 2 years. Then you’ll always get the new customer discount.

  10. Predatory pricing doesn’t allow big companies to offer dirt cheap rates

  11. I love how my neighbors or relatives will call and get a deal with Comcast…..then when I call to try to get that same deal, they tell me, “Oh, we can’t offer that deal to you.”. Or when you call for technical assistance and some Indian guy named ” Bob” I can barely understand reads two tips off a script (“Turn off the modem, now turn it back on” – thanks, genius….I didn’t think to try THAT) before telling me it’s an issue with my wiring that will ultimately cost MORE to fix. Then an hour later, I’m able to fix the problem myself. COMCAST SUCKS! I want FIOS in my neighborhood.

  12. Net Neutrality is going to be huge in the coming years. The rich folks are trying to rip the freedom of internet away from the people that it was built for. We need to fight like hell to prevent the elitists from taking over the internet. Too bad they will just line the pockets of the politicians until they are given permission to “lay pipe” on all of us. I love this country but despise the way it is run.

  13. get a hold of your state representatives and tell them to make a ban on bandwidth capping

  14. To those who are prisoners of Comcast:

    We set the trap well. My best bud, Ed Rendell who I got a no show $1.0 million plus job at my old firm, Ballard, gave Brian Roberts and me everything we wanted when he was governor to shut out competition. Also, we got the skyscraper built despite protests that vacancy was at an all time high in Philly. To insult you further, we are building another for pure spite. Also, I got Obama in my pocket because I gave him a big fundraiser at my house in 2012. The ala carte menu proposal demanded by several hundred thousand of you where you only take the 10 to 15 channels you actually watch and not the 300 you have to pay for will never be enacted. Comcast has greased the politicians well. Hell, if people only paid for channels they watched, Comcast would be out of business. Hell, we would be fielding thousands of calls an hour from the suckers….eh customers to dump the CSN channel to get rid of the Phils and the crap they are providing each night. Face it suckers, we got you and you can’t do a thing about it.

  15. Damn right that TCN came a little late for Hockey season… but at least I know it’s there for next season!!! Yay!

    And on that note… does it affect Verizon FiOS customers? I don’t think so. I’m locked into a contract until ’15, and they will renegotiate the same deal with me at that time. (They did in mid ’12 until I moved to another town, which is why my contract is good until ’15.)
    I don’t see FiOS doing this because right now, they are finishing the networking to bring FiOS to the entire area, which means that if they do that, you’ll have an option away from Comcast. It means that there’s competition, and that there might be extra reasons for them NOT to throttle, since they are really looking at Verizon at the moment.
    Personally, I hate Comcast. My services were shotty at best, and while they could have been spending money on trying to fix services, they took extra money and placed it into their advertising budget and hired on Cole Hamels to advertise their services. Also, the way the services are set up….. it’s a wonder you stay connected. (I NEVER got past 3MBs/s when we were supposed to get at least 10!! It was crappy at best with the set up…. and not to mention that they drilled a hole in through the stud of the house to set up my services!!)

  16. Scumcast doesn’t hate you. They love all the fools that keep lining their pockets year after year for sub par service. The definition of insanity is paying Scumcast over and over and expecting better service! Ahh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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