Don Tollefson Speaks and Spews a Bunch of BS About Addiction

He looks like absolute shit
Don Tollelfson looks like absolute shit


But only it’s not for the children.

In an interview with Laurie Mason Schroeder of Calkins Media – for some strange reason published behind a paywall over Memorial Day Weekend – Tollefson recounted his struggles with addiction to alcohol and painkillers.

Sitting with his lawyer, Tollefson, who will be back in court this week for his preliminary hearing, cited his 2008 accident as the impetus for his addiction to painkillers. All totally believable. But it was completely expected that he would use his struggles with addiction to both justify his alleged misdeeds and soften the blow to his public persona. He refused to talk about the allegations against him and even checked with his lawyer before answering a question about what his time in prison was like (“Hey Tollie! Where are my Eagles tickets?”). He proceeded explained that he became a much more spiritual person and grew his relationship with his Christian God.

What nonsense.

He also told Schroeder that he would like to speak to children about addiction:

He wants you to read this story and talk about him. Then, he says, he wants you to talk to your kids about addiction.

“We are in danger of losing a large part of our generation to drugs. It is happening in every American community. Young people are starting earlier and they’re using more serious drugs. The ones I met in rehab didn’t know where to turn. They wanted help, they needed help, but they didn’t know how to get help.”

This guy. It takes some MASSIVE balls to, after years of ripping people off in the name of THE CHILDREN, spin your struggles with addiction into a wag the dog event to distract people from the myriad accusations against you. And what may be worse is that the Doylestown Intelligencer gave him the platform to spew his deflecting propaganda.

Tollefson may want you to believe that he dug himself a hole with addiction and that’s what caused him to scam local sports fans and others, but something tells me that we’re soon going to learn that his alleged history of scamming goes much deeper than what we already know…


Here’s the story that’s behind a paywall.

And here’s a partial video of the interview.


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  1. How about a story about Aaron Murray, who got twitter trolled by the dumb traffic bitch and then gets drafted in the fifth round by K-C. And his brother Josh, who is currently on The Bachelorette.
    What’s with these dudes?
    Can’t they just go out and get laid like normal guys do?

  2. Only Brace and FOX29 Twitter Whore are protected on here.

    All other are fair game.

    1. Must be nice to rub elbows with D celebrities. Where’s our update on why the inky is terrible? I bet you have some great ideas that could turn it all around.

  3. that is all…

    k/c loves black salami
    brace is a joke
    ks also likes the dark meat

    now that is all

  4. So are we to believe that addicts DON’T lie and steal because of their addiction? I’m pretty sure there is a mountain of evidence that suggests that people DO lie and steal after they become addicts.

    That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be punished, and it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be held responsible. But you’re ignoring pretty much everything we know about addiction if you want to believe that the addiction doesn’t drive people to do things they otherwise wouldn’t do.

  5. Sorry Tolly but that shit doesn’t fly in the Northeast. If you were a Baptist megachurch preacher from NRA inbredville Kentuckabamasas your sob story might gain some traction, but up here you’re going to get the shit kicked out of you for the rest of your miserable life.

  6. We rip Brace, Fox Traffic, etc … all of whom are deserving of such rips… but how do we forget Steve from KOP?! He’s the worst.

  7. Nobody posted any pics of me down the thore this weekend. boohoo

  8. If I called the Jon and Sean show today and asked Brace if he was trying to name drop after getting booted from a bar this weekwnd for a hat violation, think they would hang up and dump the call?

  9. Seriously, this man took a lot of money from a lot of people who trusted him, because of who he was. They also figured what kind of MONSTER rips off a charity for children for his own self indulgence. I am sorry but I know people who were caught up in his web of lies and deceit. This man knew exactly what he was doing, and had been doing it for years. So sorry no pity for him. It is one thing to be addicted to drugs and have this horrible disease, but when you are using children to benefit your habit. This man should not have any publicity. Focus on the children he stole this money from and all the good people who gave of themselves money that they may not been able to afford, but did it for the kids.

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