Ed Snider Has a Treatable Cancer

John Clark is reporting that Ed Snider just completed successful treatment for cancer:

Flyers chairman Ed Snider has recently completed treatment for cancer, sources have told CSN’s John Clark.

The specific form of cancer has not been disclosed, but according to Comcast-Spectacor spokesman Ike Richman, it’s not life threatening. Snider is doing well, and his condition has not affected his ability to run the organization.

Snider was treated and released from Fox Chase Cancer Center.

Since the press conference announcing Ron Hextall as the new GM, there have been some rumblings that Snider was sick, perhaps with some sort of gastro-stomach cancer. He didn’t speak much during that press conference, and he didn’t look particularly well, either. This was why.

We of course wish him the best.

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49 Responses

    1. Give it a fucking rest already. Anyone so obsessed with the K_C shit that they must comment on it daily needs their fucking head checked! Seriously it’s time to rethink your purpose and goals in life. Like NOW. Do it, go now.

      -Your Mother

      1. Thank you! I’ve been thinking the same thing for weeks. I wish these cry baby bitches would just get over it, Christ. Who could possibly give that much of a fuck about a local news girl?

        1. That attention whore no talent buck teeth traffic chick deserves every bit of it & we will continue to bash her until we get answers.

          Get well ed

      2. (loads shotgun, fills moltov coctail)

        I’m coming for you son. You’ve hijacked your own mother’s name you SOB. Time to pay the piper.

  1. When I’m in charge again, I will sweep this pig-sty clean of all ex-Flyers and assorted hangers-on, and start fresh with people from outside the organization, who prefer to live in the 2010s, not the 1970s.

  2. Just saw the replay of last night’s OT goal between Chicago & LA. Ol’ cement feet Handzus breezes right by Mike Richards. Richie is about to get bought out.

    1. I hate to break it to you, but big-time Kyle simply doesn’t have time to read the comments, so you’re SOL here.

      Those new filtered keywords adapting to various spellings of traffic bimbo just appear magically.

  3. The diagnosis is a rare strain of cancer called: WashedupFlyerhangerongusinterruptus. Complete cancerous removal is recommeded, but Ed is uncertain what to do.

  4. Ed should have never got rid of Jeff carter who turned into an elite player & won at every level.
    Fucking muckers & grinders in return.

  5. .235 batting avg can't hit lefties 4 strikeouts tonight 25million in salary guess which fat slob of a 1st basemen I am says:

    Oh and another thing,the Phillies stink!

    1. Big Piece of Fucking Monkey Shit…and “the next superstar” Dom fuicking Brown will be on the interstate after his first AB tonight. Fuck you RAJ

  6. Damn this Leslie character sounds like the fat drunken guy from the Simpsons,who sits in Moes’ bar

    1. This is a convoluted comparison, but to me he sounds like Brian Griffin’s retarded clone in that one Family Guy episode.

  7. New layout is awful. Hurts my eyes. Change it back & stop punishing the readers .

  8. -Everyone saying to stop the Traffic Whore bashing: Fuck off. It will continue, as will the Brace crucifixion, and the criticism of KS for the whole K to the C Gate thing to begin with.

    -This new layout BLOWS. Don’t you have a wedding to fuck up instead of messing with this? It hurt my eyes when I opened it up this morning.

    -Ed has got to go, but I am not wishing cancer, much less death, on anyone.

  9. I seriously can not read any of the posts for more then 2 sentences without getting dizzy. Its so bad I just gave up.

  10. Hey since i was never cut as a kid, I am considering having the procedure done now. Does anyone have K/c’s number cause it would probably be a lot cheaper than going to a moyle or doctor.

  11. This new layout is messing with my eyes .
    Kyle reminds me of mrs Lurie when she changed the Kelly green jerseys to that awful midnight green .

    -K..c out today, wish I had all those vacation days f0x 29 gives out

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    You just broke my scroll button and index finger, guess will just have to use middle one when describing this site to others.

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