UPDATE: Erik Gustafsson is Heading to Russia

Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Sort of a strange news bit here:

Can’t really blame Gus. He was seemingly an afterthought with the Flyers even though he was much more able than, say, Hal Gill, who got the Game 5 start against the Rangers in place of Gustasffffassososofososson. He was also fairly skilled, a good skater and could move the puck– all things the Flyers are lacking on defense.

The Flyers will maintain the rights to Gus should he decide to return to North America.

UPDATE: First Hexy GM statement, and it’s delightfully combative: Flyers GM Ron Hextall is aware of the reports regarding Erik Gustafsson but he has not been contacted by the player or his agent.

UPDATE 2: Follow-up statement: I spoke with Erik today and he informed me that he does in fact, have a deal in place to play overseas.  Although we are disappointed in his decision, we wish him all the best.



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  1. Not the greatest player in the world, but a serviceable third pairing defenseman. He’s quick and cheap, two things the Flyers D sorely needs.

    Holmgren, Laviolette and Berube are all to blame for this. What a joke. Can’t blame Gus at all for wanting to go elsewhere and actually play.

    1. I never understood why Gus was generally considered not good enough to be an everyday player, but when he did play, the Flyers relied so heavily on him.

  2. I just hope this news causes Snider to have a massive heart attack or stroke. But I doubt it. Dictators live forever.

  3. I think the new strategy is to start so many threads that no individual thread has the spotlight long enough for people to demand an honest response to k@c!e-gate. It’s too bad Kyle never reads the comments section and won’t get this feedback.

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  5. I never could understand the reluctance to play this guy on a regular basis over Crossman. This is awful…

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  12. Do your homework, buddy. The Flyers will only retain his rights if they give him a qualifying offer. It’s okay, no one expects you to understand how these things work. Maybe he’s on Tinder.

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