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From Reddit:

Asked my boss if we could play the game today over the intercom radio and was told “no, I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.” So I went and got express written consent. Thanks phillies!

I remembered L.A. going on for 20 min during spring training about the definition of disseminate and rebroadcasting of games* so I figured it was worth a shot to ask and see what happened. They were very quick to respond, unfortunately my boss was in meetings the rest of the day and I wasn’t able to show him. Thank trout I wasn’t, that game was awful. And yes my boss does suck. (He’s from Dallas ((but what I’ve witnessed he cares nothing of sports, except the game of merchandising))

1) Your boss is a terrible person, but he was probably kidding. 2) Nice work catching him a technicality, though. 3) You’re about to get fired.

I can’t believe they actually give express written consent to people, even though the concept of not being able to give accounts and descriptions of the game is most unenforceable draconian legal overstep imaginable.

*I need to find the audio of LA talking about that. Gotta be radio gold… but could I legally rebroadcast it? So meta.