Howard Eskin is Reporting That Jonathan Papelbon was Out “Late” Saturday Night

I agree with almost nothing Howard Eskin says, and he’s been wrong on just about every original report since 2012, but here’s one that’s interesting:

Voila_Capture 2014-05-14_01-06-53_PM Voila_Capture 2014-05-14_01-07-05_PM

Here we go. It’s pick on Paps time, and quite honestly, that’s just fine with me. But is there anything to this? Meh. It’s tough to tell. There are none of the social media pictures that generally accompany [a recognizable athlete] partying in [a major city], and it seems Papelbon’s wife, Ashley, and daughter were in NY this weekend (hanging out with Jacoby Ellsbury’s wife), too, making a “late night” less likely. So, pics or GTFO.


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  1. I’m still waiting for that Bautista trade. Howard is a fucking moron!

  2. Others that should never be said/typed on this site (in addition to “meh”)
    -lol , omg

  3. Even worse than this is the fact that Marks and Brace are going to be on again from 2-6 p.m. in Missanelli’s spot.

    1. I swear those 2 are like the radio version of tmz.

      They sound like 2 gossips girls who occasionally try to talk sports,but fail miserably.

    2. God, these 2 suck.
      I can’t believe a station in a major market can’t come up with better drive time replacements than Skippy and Lippy.

      Oh, and Kyle is still blocking K-to the-A-to the-C-to the-I-to the-E comments.

  4. Pappy is a gutless, heartless piece of shit. Fuck him. Thanks (again) Rube you fucking wetback.

  5. wish they would have just closed it down for a W and this wouldn’t even be news. Our pen would be hot garbage without paplebon since there’s a solid chance half of his saves or more would have been losses with any of these other turds pitching. maybe we should see if chip would be willing to head over to citizens and straighten out the Phillies. garbage season and garbage headlines.

  6. Geez, Howard said on his local Fox show Sunday night that I was tied for the lead in the TPC Golf Championship with a million, eight hundred thousand on the line to the winner and due to rain delay, we would play the finishing holes Monday morning. Well, even a broken clock is right more than Howard. On Sunday night, I was already down the road with my second place check. Howard did not learn we finished the round early Sunday evening. He has to have pictures of CBS execs in compromising positions.

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