Randy Miller, writing for yesterday:

Next season, Laviolette perhaps will be back behind the Hurricanes bench.

The job opened Monday when the Hurricanes fired former Devils star Kirk Muller, who missed the playoffs during his three seasons as head coach.

Adding to speculation of a Laviolette reunion:

Hockey Hall of Famer Ron Francis, promoted from Hurricanes vice president of hockey operations to general manager last week, played for Laviolette in Carolina.

Laviolette also could be a candidate to fill openings for the Washington Capitals and Vancouver Canucks, as both franchises fired their coach after missing the playoffs this season.

Since his dismissal, Laviolette hasn’t talked about the Flyers publicly. He didn’t return a recent text message from

Today, Peter Laviolette accepted a job with the Nashville Predators, something that had been widely rumored and speculated about for some time. His other potential option? Florida, apparently:

Oh-4-toooooo, Mr. Miller.

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