The result of my best approach ever

The result of my best approach ever

A tradition much like so many others.

I would like to introduce you to the Crossing Broad Golf Association Tour. With the help of our friends at Tour Golf Revolution, we are hosting a season-long golf league among CB readers (and perhaps a few local notables). Tour Golf Revolution, TGR, a few months ago approached me with this idea after reading about the commenter-created Crossing Broad Golf Outing. TGR has put together an online tool that allows people to host their own golf leagues amongst friends, coworkers, family, whatever, and they thought that working with you, the CB reader, would be a great utilization of their product. And I agree.

Here’s how it works: There will be six “events,” including “The Open Championship” at a links-style course and a final “major,” the CBGA Championship – also serving as the Crossing Broad Golf Outing – in September. The beauty is that the league format allows you to golf on your own schedule, when it’s convenient for you, at accessible and affordable courses in the area. You will have three weeks to complete a round of golf, at your convenience, for each event. The schedule is as follows:

Event 1: May 12 – June 1 at Westover Country Club

Event 2: June 2 – June 22 at The Club at Shannondell

Event 3: June 23 – July 13 at Pennsauken Country Club

Event 4:  “The Open Championship,” July 14 – August 3 at Lederach Golf Club

Event 5: August 4 – August 24 at Springfield Country Club

Event 6: The CBGA Championship, tenatively scheduled for September 13 at RiverWinds

Please note that the locations, outside of the first two events, are tentative and may change depending on how many people sign up and where they live.

The best part is that everyone is eligible regardless of skill level because scoring is based on your handicap. When you sign up, you’ll be given the option to enter either the scores for your last five rounds of golf or your average score on a par 72. Mine is a delightful 109 (I drive like Tiger, but putt like an actual jungle animal). And don’t bother lying, you sandbagging sons of bitches, because if you start shooting way under, your handicap will auto-correct.

For each event, first place will receive 100 points, second place 75, third place 50, fourth and below 25. The CBGA Championship, which will be open to non-league participants, will count double. You may also earn an additional 25 points by golfing with another member of the league at another course during a regular event period.

When you schedule your round of golf (you are required to play with at least one other league member to verify your score), you will enter it into the league schedule, where other league members will see it and be able to complete your foursome if they so choose.

You can sign up here. It is only $15 to play in the league (plus greens fees for each round, obviously), but you can sign up now at no cost and poke around. THERE WILL BE PRIZES TO THE TOP THREE WINNERS. They are TBD, but expect a prize valued at around $500 for the overall winner.

I’m playing, of course, and commenter favorite Sean Brace says he’s in as well. I’m working on getting some other local notables to participate (local notable? consider this your invitation). And we are happily accepting sponsors for each event(!!!), including the CBGA Championship. Quite honestly, I have no idea how successful this will be. I think it’s a great fucking idea. But we’ve never done anything like this. We could get 10 players, we could get 100, we could get 250.

Sign up for the CBGA Tour.

The full rules are after the jump. I’ll answer questions in the comments. Oh, and we’re going to need a jingle. I’m accepting jingles.

  1. All events are stroke play events using full course handicaps. Low net score wins the event so everyone has a chance to win by simply playing below their handicap. NOTE: Make sure you establish your handicap when you sign up for your profile on You can use the estimator tool if you do not have at least 5 previous rounds of golf from the 2013 golf season.
  2. Each event will last 3 weeks. Generally, you can play golf any day during this period and it will count towards the leader board for that event. You can also play as many times during the event window as you like, and we will count your best score. The only requirement is that you play golf with another member of the league (this is to ensure someone can vouch for all scores posted). 
  3. Each event consists of 18 holes.
  4. Points for regular events will be given out as follows: First Place 100, Second Place 75, Third Place 50, 4th Place and worse 25. All players tied for a position will receive the points designated for that finish. For example, if 3 people tie for first place in an event they will all receive first place points and everyone else playing will receive 4th place and worse points.
  5. Our tour will end with a Major event. This is a “tournament day” and will be the 2014 Crossing Broad Golf Outing.  Its a great way to all get together at the end of the season to celebrate and crown a Champion.  In order to have a chance to win the Major event you must play the designated course on the designated day.
  6. Points are worth more in a Major and will be given out as follows: First Place 200, Second Place 150, Third Place 100, 4th Place and worse 50. All ties will be broken in the same manner as regular events.
  7. To encourage members to play golf as much as possible you will be awarded 25 points if you play golf with another member at a different course than the rest of the league is playing during a regular week or on a different day of the week during the Major event week. Just make sure you post your off course tee time and score on that events tee sheet to get credit.
  8. The tee boxes to be used at each course will be indicated on the schedule and are subject to change.