Jesse Biddle Missed His Start for Reading on Sunday Because He Got Hit in the Head With Hail Last Week

Today in signs that God hates us.

Jesse Biddle, one of the few people, places or things that makes you even remotely enthused about the Phillies’ future, was kept out of his start on Sunday after being hit in the head with hail last Thursday. I repeat, Phillies prospect and local kid Jesse Biddle was injured by ice falling from clouds:

The Phillies top pitching prospect had to miss his last start with a bizarre injury. Jesse Biddle was held out of Sunday’s game after he was hit in the head by a ice during Thursday’s hail storm. Biddle complained to team officials of a headache, prompting them to skip his start for precautionary reasons.

Oh, nice.

Biddle is expected to make his next start… assuming that he doesn’t get struck by lightning or obliterated by a meteorite.

H/T to (@TommyONeill17)

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12 Responses

    1. It’s definitely time for another round of girlfriend showdown between Biddle’s girlfriend and Cody Asche’s. It’s been since last fall since we had one, so we’re overdue!

  1. Biddle is our best pitching prospect but also only projected as a career #3 starter, I guess that’s a pretty good summary of the state of our franchise under Ruben.

  2. This is BS…the hail storm in Reading, PA was whipping around golf ball sized hail at 60 MPH. If he got hit in the head he’d be dead, not just a pounding headache. Sounds more like he was at Al’s Diamond Cabaret Saturday night…

    1. I’m with you…sounds like a great excuse to get out of a game, perhaps after a rough night of drinking.

  3. Seriously – baseball players are the softest group of athletes in the world, makes the NBA look like Iron men.

  4. Enough about this injury… What are you hearing about the size of his junk?

  5. So we’ve all heard about the kid who was too stupid to come in out of the rain, it’s like a cliche. How godawful dumb to you have to be not to come in out of the GOLF-BALL-SIZED HAIL? Frickin’ inbred.

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