Local Couple Announces Pregnancy via Fresh Prince Parody

Outstanding*, and it might be the most creative work to ever come out of Phoenixville. Now how do I get Ms. CB to do this to the Saved By the Bell theme once Bloggy Jr. is on his or her way?

*The baby announcement thing is starting to jump the shark. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and now YouTube. But unplanned children should have their day, too. I’m thinking a Vine with six one-second shots: Putting in hair gel, taking a shot at the club, grinding, an unopened condom, two people sleeping, and pissed off parents wagging their fingers at the camera.

H/T to (@MissJessicaBryn)


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  1. I hate this shit. Go volunteer at your local library or sweep up the sidewalk. Do some fucking thing, other than this.

  2. I’ve spewed my seed into the t@ffic girl we know as kaysea. She will be with my mulatto child in several months. Thank you and please await a formal announcement.

    1. Who fucking cares? And that is bad parenting right there…she should be ashamed of herself, but looks too fucking dumb to even realize it.

    2. We are quite excited to see members of our family with such a great sense of humor and creativity to create this parody to announce their pregnancy. No shame in two (married) young professionals creating such a funny video. Feel free to contact me for any further comments.

  3. I’m so glad I continue to click on this site for some sort of sports story.

  4. Fuck these people and fuck this site and fuck me for coming here and clicking on this

  5. I think the only way this site ever becomes relevant again(?) is if KAClE, while on-camera, fucks either Michael Sam or Andrew Bynum.

  6. This video was horrible and encapsulates the crap that qualifies for news on this site. Kyle says that birth announcements have jumped the shark but this site jumped it a long time ago. The only reason I keep coming back is for the comments but they suck now that Kyle screwed up KaySee-gate. I’m begging for some insightful sports coverage! CB continues going downhill fast…

  7. i’m just waiting for the guy running that Angelo account that always posts really vile shit to chime in on this one.

  8. As a Phoenixvillian (living in NYC, rooting for the Canadiens), this has nothing on Mike Piazza, The Blob or the fact that the Eiffel Tower is made of steel from the old steel mill.

  9. Also, fuck America and anyone who thinks its OK to bring new life onto this miserable planet.

  10. What a waste of time. I hate social media…makes the average joe feel important.

  11. I guess Kyle doesn’t feel the need to post the story about Lesean McCoy calling himself better then Adrian Peterson and declaring himself the best RB in the league.

    1. Relax… he’s probably just busy brainstorming ways to turn it into a t-shirt

  12. Kyle is a pussy ass queer. The fox traffic reporter is a cum guzzling queen and has huge t..eeeff

  13. KYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYLE! make them stop they are hurting my FEELINGS and besides what if this picks up some traction on google and when people all over the world search for me because I’m totally a celebrity, they get THIS instead of pictures of me on all fours. I wouldn’t want them to get the wrong idea.

  14. This couple has been together for over 5 years, graduated from temple university, got married, and decided to do a PARODY of the fresh prince of belair to announce very exciting news to the world and their family. Any attempt to undermine this video or the husband and wife in this video proves the insecurities of the people trolling the internet witnessing an inter-racial couple doing better than themselves. Please direct any negative comments that you have of this video directly to me and I will be sure to address each comment appropriately 🙂

    1. Listen bro. I think you need to look inward to determine why you see everything through this destructive prism of racism. Search within.

    2. I’ll address you directly. I live close to Pville and not having a good day. Where you want to fight? Which one you related to?

    3. 5 years together AND degrees from Temple, that’s pretty impressive. If I may ask, what part of Delco are you and your sibling from?

    4. I actually found them quite likeable. You, on the other hand, I could do without.

  15. Good for them. I’m sure your unprovoked race baiting makes them proud.

    Oh and the girl next to me said she can’t wait to see them on Maury Povich. Does that qualify as undermining?

    1. It sure does. Im sure if this was a “white” couple (I am just trying to use language you would understand) this video would be funny and creative to you. I’m also sure your friend next to you is a great judge of human character. Which fast food restaurants do you guys work at?

      1. No. If they were white, they would still be self-absorbed fucking tools for taking the time to create such a dim-witted birth announcement. An announcement who’s sole motivation was to become “viral” in order to get “likes.”

        Get a life.

      2. wait a minute… shows up out of nowhere, contributes nothing, cries racism…

        … how rude of us. good afternoon Mr President!

      3. Hi soon to be uncle. Mel is my soror. I love that you are so excited to be an uncle. Don’t worry about these wackos on here! Haters gonna hate!!!

  16. [obligatory comment about k@cie m’s anus and/or calcium-rich noise tube]

  17. Why doesn’t K@cie come on here like this uncle dude did to defend any comments she felt were derogatory?
    Instead she coerced Kyle into taking down the posts and turning his blog into a joke now that he’s given two different explanations.
    But of course only .001% of one % of the people who read the stories actually comment.

    1. K4cie’s uncles have surely all been turned into glue by this point.

  18. Soon to be Uncle, I don’t think anyone has anything against your family members or race, I think they just got played by Kyle and “served up” here by him knowing people were going to be pissed since it’s not philly sports relevant and people in the comments hate no matter if it’s The Duncan’s or The Brady Bunch.

    I think overall it was just a ploy to cover up a certain outstanding issue with a certain traffic person. If this video went up and could outrage the .0001% (yeah now we are like reverse “Occupy”) that bad, then maybe we’d use all our efforts to tear down the people in the video rather than Mr(s). Ed.

    He simply tried to deflect but it didn’t work.

  19. This couple posted this video just to do something cute and funny for their friends and family. I don’t know the husband that well, but I have known the wife for years. Why cany people be happy that two married, degree-holding, employeed, home owning, adults are having a baby? These two have nothing to gain from a viral video, this was posted to spread the word to their friends.

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